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  1. Martok42

    How To Gain Weight

    I have been gluten FREE for for a couple months. Like five months ago I started the diet just not very carefully But...
  2. I need tip and your suggestions on gaining and keeping on weight. I'm 14 5'10 and weigh 110 pounds. I want to gain a...
  3. Martok42

    Kidney Stone

    I know. I do overreact about medical issues. Thanks for the answering the questions you two. (And By the way Roda...
  4. Martok42

    Annoying Friends

    How close are you to these friends? Is it not close enough that you wouldn't mind if you stopped hanging out with them...
  5. Martok42

    Kidney Stone

    Good grief like sand? And it still hurt? Well I feel okay Roda, they just found it by chance actually, they were doing...
  6. Martok42

    Kidney Stone

    Does it matter on size at all? Like if it's small and I pass it does it hurt less?
  7. Okay, worst news I could have thought to hear from my doctor that day. You have a kidney stone! So to cut straight to...
  8. Huzzah!! Then I will go devour candy now! :D Thank you!
  9. Martok42

    The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

    Best show ever. It really makes me forget about the fact that I have a ailment IT's called Mystery Science Theater...
  10. Hello, I was just wondering about these foods. I love them all, and I have several bags of them here at my hound, and...
  11. Martok42

    Red Visible Blood In Stool

    Oh I hate doctors. Especially my doctor, and my doctors nurse, I have met doctors I like, to bad mine are not those....
  12. Martok42

    Red Visible Blood In Stool

    Lol yeah, but I just can't stand anything to do with doctors! And dentists but that is for a different forum. The...
  13. Martok42

    Relieving Stomach Pain

    What always helps me is a heat pack. the hotter the better, it really relaxes all the muscles and makes the cramps so...
  14. Martok42

    3Rd Annual Indiana State Celiac Luncheon

    WOW really?! Awesome, that is not very far from where I live!! I've got to go!!
  15. Martok42

    Red Visible Blood In Stool

    Well the doctor tomorrow is just my family doctor who is going to refer me to a gastro-whatever. And my parents said...