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  1. Martok42

    How To Gain Weight

    I have been gluten FREE for for a couple months. Like five months ago I started the diet just not very carefully But I eat better now than I ever have, and I CAN'T STOP LOOSING WEIGHT! I now weigh 105 WHY!?
  2. I need tip and your suggestions on gaining and keeping on weight. I'm 14 5'10 and weigh 110 pounds. I want to gain a little more weight, I don't want to be fat, I just don't want to be a 90 pound weakling. No offence to any 90 pound weaklings out there. I hate an entire gluten free pizza and tub of gluten free brownies in two days. I eat like that normally. You think I would gain more. But I digress, any suggestions?
  3. Martok42

    Kidney Stone

    I know. I do overreact about medical issues. Thanks for the answering the questions you two. (And By the way Roda Since I now know that you are a doctor (close enough) you are now the enemy............ Just kidding.........Mostly........Kind of.......a little bit.......)
  4. How close are you to these friends? Is it not close enough that you wouldn't mind if you stopped hanging out with them? My suggestion, find smarter friends. No offense intended, just saying. That's what I would do.
  5. Martok42

    Kidney Stone

    Good grief like sand? And it still hurt? Well I feel okay Roda, they just found it by chance actually, they were doing an X-ray for something unrelated. Unfortunately it's 4-5 MM which is big as for as those go, so I'm pretty stressed.
  6. Martok42

    Kidney Stone

    Does it matter on size at all? Like if it's small and I pass it does it hurt less?
  7. Okay, worst news I could have thought to hear from my doctor that day. You have a kidney stone! So to cut straight to the point, how do I get rid of it, is it actually related to celiac in anyway, and how bad is passing it? I do not know the size or anything, but by the way doctor said it so blatantly with no here's what you do thing, It can't be that bad right? I'm kind of freaking out so any general info may help..... I do really want to know how bad passing one is...... so.... thanks...... :(
  8. Huzzah!! Then I will go devour candy now! :D Thank you!
  9. Best show ever. It really makes me forget about the fact that I have a ailment IT's called Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K for short. Here are some of the best episodes. There is nothing you need to know before hand, they explain all in teh theme song! Giant Gila Monster Attack of the eye creatures Pod People This on is SO funny!
  10. Hello, I was just wondering about these foods. I love them all, and I have several bags of them here at my hound, and my family is devouring them. I want to partake in the devouring. Is this wise, do any of these contain Gluten? Especially peanut-butter M&Ms.....I love PB M&Ms.....
  11. Oh I hate doctors. Especially my doctor, and my doctors nurse, I have met doctors I like, to bad mine are not those. This one tells me I don't need to go see a gastro-guy and that they want to the blood test anyway. I said don't you need to do that before someone goes on the diet, the imbecile (Who is just a nurse. I saw her because I hate my doctor and refused to talk to her. And to be honest she really doesn't want to talk to me either) said no you can do it if someone is on a gluten free diet. So now I'm probably going to get a false negative and they will all sorts of other crap and AAHGFHGHHGHGHGGGGHH!!! :angry: See? A good reason for hatred. We went through this last year with sleep apnea. After an AWFUL sleep study and a TON of doctor visits my mom finally agreed with me and all that crap was not worth it. She claims this won't go down like that, but Am I the only seeing where this is going? EDIT:Okay so celiac blood test has not come back yet, but the other tests show nothing, except I have a kidney stone Which I can't imagine that is going to be fun.
  12. Lol yeah, but I just can't stand anything to do with doctors! And dentists but that is for a different forum. The way I see it is like this. It's my body, and If I think the diet isn't helping and something else is wrong, then I go see the gastro-whoever. But I DO think the diet is helping alot, I don't feel normal yet, but I've been in immense pain forever and now that has finally stopped! Doesn't that seem logical to you?
  13. Martok42

    Relieving Stomach Pain

    What always helps me is a heat pack. the hotter the better, it really relaxes all the muscles and makes the cramps so much less painful.
  14. Martok42

    3Rd Annual Indiana State Celiac Luncheon

    WOW really?! Awesome, that is not very far from where I live!! I've got to go!!
  15. Well the doctor tomorrow is just my family doctor who is going to refer me to a gastro-whatever. And my parents said that we can make an appointment for a couple weeks and I will try VERY hard to eat NOTHING with gluten and they said if I feel significant improvement, we don't have to go. They mainly just want to make sure it's not colon cancer or something dumb like that. I say that is dumb especially when you factor in the I have siblings with celiac it would make sense that I have it too. Then they say it's necessary and I say no it isn't then I get grounded.... that's how it goes any time the word 'doctor' come up....