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Gluten Intolerant Or Not?

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Last summer my chiropractor had lab work done to determine if I had any sensitivities. I had saliva and stool testing and Diagnos-Tech was the lab.

The results indicated a strong gluten sensitivity and some milk sensitivity. I had been having serious digestive problems for about 3 years prior to this. Symptoms were chronic episodes of nausea, weakness fatigue, lightheadedness, etc. that would last 1-4 weeks then suddenly go away. I had CTscans, colonoscopy, upper endoscopy and was tested for Celiac all with negative findings.

Since the lab work came back I have been pretty diligent about avoiding gluten with a few slip-ups along the way. I have felt both really, really good and really bad during this period. Recently, I have been feeling pretty well and, for my own edification, have reintroduced some foods that definitely contain gluten and not just trace amounts. After 2 weeks of this I have had no adverse reactions whatsoever. Bowels remain pretty normal, no nausea or fatigue.

My question is if I were seriously gluten intolerant, would I be experiencing some symptoms by now? I have never been completely sold on the results of the test but I don't know if reactions to gluten are fairly prompt or take time to build up.

Any feedback appreciated.

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All I can say is that everyone seems to be wildly different. For instance, some gluten foods really affect me while others are more mild, if much at all. The other night I had Chinese (because I'm in the window for bloodwork to see where I'm at in this Celiac cunundrum) - it really whalloped me, then last last night I went to Wendy's and ordered a Fillet of Fish sandwhich - today, very little effect, so who knows. If I have gluten in my diet more than 2-3 days in a row, it affects me.

I feel that many of us sail our own journey's that are uniquely different - some share the same stories but we often have "our moments" that is ours to deal with.

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