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How Else To Get An Official Diagnosis?

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I live in Ontario, and I can get help from the government to pay for my food with an official diagnosis.

I have been gluten free since November 2009, after years of suffering and trying to figure out why I've been so sick, and fighting with doctors just going off gluten was the only thing we could think of to do. I already had to drop out of school and move back in with my parents, and I was close to failing all my classes etc. No one believed me that I was sick.

I have since gotten a new doctor, and being off gluten has been like night and day. There is no way I can knowingly put that poison into my body again. I would have to take time off school and move back in with my parents again if I were to start eating gluten again to get accurate test results. I recently had the celiac screening blood work done, with only half the results back, but they were normal.

Is there any way other than that test that I can get an 'official' diagnosis? All my tests have been negative over the years, my old doctor actually wrote in my file that it was all in my head. They lied to me about what tests they did, other medical professionals lied about things...its been a mess. Can the fact that I had a huge number of symptoms of Celiac disease, and the diet has shown extremely positive results, and the fact that if I eat gluten by accident I get very sick again, be a diagnosis? They diagnose other things like that...can this be the same?

Thanks ahead of time everyone.

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