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Raised Phosphatase Level ... Could You Help ?

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Could someone write about his experience with high alkaline phosphatase level before a gluten-free diet ?

The point is that my 3,5 years old daughter has extremely high value of this. First laboratory: 2500, second laboratory: 3125… Norm is about 200.

She is not celiac, but her 6 years old brother is… She is also underweight. About 12kg (26 pounds).

Her skin is pale, but level of iron taken from blood is quite normal…

Rest of tests seem to be in normal level, except lymphocytes – a little beat low. She also has not diarrhea like in most celiac cases.

Our doctor says that this high level of alkaline phosphatase for sure is not from liver, but from bones rather.

Next tests are on the way, but.. In my private opinion she has celiac, because of few things:

1. Her brother is celiac

2. She is underweight

3. Raised phosphatase level according to this site: http://www.aafp.org/afp/980301ap/pruessn.html is an “Early Indication of Malabsorption Resulting from Celiac Disease”

4. She is a little beat sensitive

5. There are so many celiac symptoms these days that no one can be shure that e.g. not having diarrhea means no celiac.

6. Her skin is very pale.

So what I’m interested in is, do you or your kids had raised phosphatase level before a gluten free diet ?

Thank you very much in advance.

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