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Celiacs Or Something Else?

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Since around June of 2009 I have had some issues digesting food / loose stools. I went to the doctor in July and he told me I had giardia which was then tested and proved to be false so I just dealt with the symptoms as they were not severe and were not constant but now I am not only not digesting brown rice, veggies, mushrooms but my stomach hurts badly at various times of the day and I am constantly bloated. I know this is diet related because I went on an elimination diet for 3 weeks in November and felt great but hated trying to deal with that limited diet and went back to my old ways to an extent. Oh and all my life I have had recurrent, painful mouth ulcers (aphthous stomatitis) (which I also read is a symptom of silent celiacs?)

I do not eat a lot of gluten ( I eat gluten free noodles etc and substitute potatoes and rice (not brown since I no longer digest it) when I can and buy gluten free soy sauce etc) but eating out at restaurants and the like proves to be difficult and with my lifestyle it is hard to get away from eating out. This last weekend I ate a Stromboli and a few turkey burgers / sausages that I grilled and used buns and I paid dearly this weekend that is for sure.

Another thing to note is that the months prior to these symptoms occurring I started suffering from migraines again and that involves a lot of vomiting and diarrhea and bring this up because is it possible my that my stomach lost a lot of its micro flora to that?

Anyway I am just wondering if this may be celiacs or if it is just some type of gluten intolerance? I have an appointment with a GI specialist on April 29th and am wondering if it is a good idea to just stop eating gluten to stop the issues or if there is another way I should deal with this until I can see a doctor?


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