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Can You Look At My Symptoms

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- bloating

- constipation since toddlerhood

- hives only on calves, and front and back of thighs

ever since i can remember i can never go to the bathroom. TMI maybe, lol.

i have a bowel movement about every week, week and a half. now i have a history of colon-rectal cancer in the family and would truly like to get to the bottom of my issues so that i can live a long, healthy life. i also recently was pregnant and all symptoms went away while pregnant; felt great once i got past the first trimester. no hives, regular bowel movements, etc.

i had skin testing done and that showed nothing except for fruit issues. (which i love eating and have never had issues with). had an endoscopy done and they said no evidence of celiac. had blood work done (igg, iga?) and that was all negative.

GI said i had ibs - now i know it could be something else because WHY do i get hives all the time after eating certain foods? i KEEP a food diary and it could be anything really - wheat or dairy.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

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