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Enterolab Results For My Kids

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I got the results for both my sons' Enterolab testing today. At the time we could only afford to do the gluten sensitivity test for each of them. Wish we could have done more. I think we can swing it now.

My 4-year-old:

Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test

Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA: 22 Units

My 2 1/2 year-old:

Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test

Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA: 61 Units

I knew my older son was reacting to gluten. He made so many amazing changes within days of going gluten-free. His attention and speech improved greatly (he's in a preschool getting services in these areas), his sleep apnea's almost gone, congestion and reflux is greatly improved, etc.

My younger son, I wasn't so sure about. I didn't notice any difference taking him off gluten. Soon after taking him off milk we noticed marked improvements in his mood. He had been to the point where he would just yell and scream all the time. He was also VERY colicky as a baby. I breastfed him and had cut out dairy, wheat and soy. Mind you, I didn't cut out gluten, just wheat.

I looked at the FAQs on the Enterolab website and am a little confused. I do understand that the numbers may not mean that's how much they're reacting to gluten, is that right? Funny, I expected them to be flip-flopped. I guess their sensitivities could just be manifesting themselves in different ways. Could my younger son just have taken more time to show the effects of going gluten-free?

I wish I had done things the right way and not taken them off gluten before getting them the blood work again. Now we have to go back to the GI and he's going to tell me to put them back on gluten for testing, then my older son he wants to scope anyway for his reflux, now for Celiac. The teachers at his school would rather us wait until the summer, if we do it, because they've seen the enormous turn-around in him. They feel like he's finally able to be present in class and he's not fidgeting and distracted by everything, so they want him to get the most he can out of the rest of the year.

Sorry, I know I'm rambling. I'm just trying to figure this all out. Other questions I have are:

Is it too late to do the other testing through Enterolab if they've been gluten-free for almost 2 months? Also, do you trust the results you got from them? I think I do, I'm just confused now. Have you heard of people getting negative gluten sensitivity results?

Thanks for reading this massive rambling! Any insight would help. Just trying to make sense of it.

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