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Am I Coeliac?

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Over the past few weeks I have been wondering if I might be Coeliac.

So if anyone has any ideas or opinions that would be great.

I don't think I have extreme symtoms compared to others, but here they are:

Feeling tired despite getting enough sleep.

No energy.

Lower back pain.

Gas - sometimes painful.


Abdominal pain and cramping.

Bloating, the top of my abdomen out further than the bottom.

Diarrohea or constipation a few times a week.


Depressed and mood swings.

I have become more health concious in the past year and have become more aware of how what I eat affects my body. I was hospitalized last september with high pancreas and liver blood tests due to gallstones, I had my gallbladder out which went well. But one week after the surgery last october I was doubled over with abdominal pain, after an endoscopy I was diagnosed with severe pan-gastritis which was blamed on taking anti inflammatories and also a h-pylori infection. I completed triple therapy for that and I seemed to get better. But I have had abdominal pain since january nearly everyday despite still taking prilosec or nexium. I had a repeat endoscopy recently and it shows the gastritis is healing. But I still have stomach pain and cramping.

Other things

I am four stone over weight for my height.

I am asthmatic, but eliminating cows milk from my diet has helped.

Hormone tests suggested PCOS but ultrasound showed I have no ovarian cysts.

Unexplained heavy painful menstrual cycle, gynae appointment soon.

I do feel that all the above symptoms get worse after bread, pancakes or pasta etc.. and I would like to try a gluten free diet.

My questions are:

I feel my symptoms are mild compared to others, is it common to have milder symptoms?

Could the mild symptoms mean I have a sensitivity to wheat/gluten rather than an intolerance?

Has anyone found that their gluten free diet has improved the experience of their menstrual cycle?

My doctor is very focussed on gastritis being my problem and that I need to learn how to control my stress levels in order to control the gastritis. (I have been going through an extremely stressful time in my family since january!)

I have made an appointment for the doctor this wednesday to ask her to do tests to see if gluten may be part of my GI problems, how do I explain to my doctor my worries and what do I ask for?


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