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Today I received my blood work from my doctor--of course, they didn't order what I asked them to order--and they didn't let me see the lab sheet before I had my blood drawn! I DID give them a list...but this is what they ordered:

Gliadian antibody (IGG)--Result 9 (In range) Under 11 is negative; 11-17 equivocal; >17 positive

Gliadin antibody (IGA)--Result <3 (In range) <11 is in range; 11-17 is equivocal; >17 is positive

My Enterolab results 4 years ago were negative; recent results were POSITIVE.

I'm 99% sure any other lab work I have done will be normal...I just have that sense. I don't know whether I should bother to get it done or not. I just don't know whether to "believe" the Enterolab results or not--but I DO sense that there is an issue and will try a gluten elimination on my own. However, convincing others is going to be an up-hill battle!

By the way, my other symptoms/conditions that make me think that gluten is possibly an issue are: reflex sympathetic dystrophy (diagnosed after a fracture about 3 years ago--I am wondering if this could have been my "triggering" event), acid reflux for many years (confirmed several years ago with barium swallow), history of duodenal ulcer, recent history of migraine-type headaches, fatigue, history of eating disorders, low vitamin D status (on supplementation now--I was NOT deficient until a year ago--and had been tested repeatedly), osteopenia--probably related to eating disorder but perhaps related to gluten issues

Thank you for any advice. I am also concerned for my son, who has been anemic at several points in his life, despite eating a diet rich in iron-fortified foods. However, these fortified foods have mainly been grain-based foods, as he detests meat, chicken, fish, etc. I remarked to his pediatrician that I was surprised he was anemic because of the high level of supplementation in grain products (his favorite food is Cheerios!) but this was before celiac disease was on my "radar." I don't know whether I 'believe' enough in Enterolab's testing to have him tested. I'm not sure what to do...

Thank you!!

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