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Tta Iga Positive, Gliadin Negative - gluten-free 2 Months & No Major Improvement

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My Gliadin Antibody Tests came back negative, but my Tissue Transglutaminase AB came back positive - it was 21 with a normal range of 0-19.

My results say a level greater than 19 may suggest the possibility of Celiac Disease.

I have been on a gluten-free diet for two months and am noticing no major differences. I believe I have a few less aches/pains but that's hard to be exact about.

I'm supposed to be gluten-free for three months and then discuss next steps. Any idea what those would be? Can others share what you have done if in a similar situation?

I am just feeling a bit frustrated!

It is difficult, as we all know, to be gluten-free. And gluten-free products are not inexpensive! I've been careful and removed known lipstick/glosses, lotions, etc. with wheat. I replaced certain utensils and am careful about cross contaminating in the kitchen. My only personal product with wheat is a hair treatment I use toward the ends of my long hair so it does not get near my mouth. (My doctor said I'd have to ingest it to affect my Celiac...since topical would be an allergy).

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with me, it took seven months off gluten to make a huge difference.

I then woke up one morning and was not so awfully fatigued.

Of course, low positive ttg can be caused by other things, like giardia or diabetes or lupus I think or other things.

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