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Need Help With Test Results Please?

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My Gliadin tests all came back normal but my IgG to Gluten came back high. What does this mean? Not celiac but gluten intolerance?? My biggest problems are constipation, dry itchy skin, bloated stomach by the end of the day and just unwell feeling overall usually. I am only 35 but tired all the time. Also tested with iron deficiency anemia which the doctor thinks could be related to a gluten intolerance in that I am not absorbing nutrients well. Can I have some help with this?



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Which tests did you have?

Usually they test the ttg, tissue transglutaminase.

Was it the antigliadin IgG that was elevated?

The celiac tests are:

EMA endomyeium antibody test, very specific

Ttg IgA very specific

Ttg IgG they do this if total IgA is low

antigliadin IgA less sepcific, an older test

antigliadin IgG "

they do the IgG version if the total IgA is low

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Thanks. The tests that were done are:

Gluten IgG = high

Gliadin IgG = normal, it was only 2

Gliadin IgA = normal, it was 7

Gliadin IgA = <5.0 reference is 0.0 - 4.9

I think they did 2 tests to be sure.

Gliadin was <10.0 reference is 0.0 - 9.9

Reticulin was <1:10


Endomysial IgA AB <1:10

So it was just the Gluten IgG that was high which to me is just a food intolerance, correct? This is what my doctor is telling me and saying this is likely the cause of my anemia and constipation. Does this sound right to you?



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