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Thorne Vitamins And Supplements

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I randomly met a nutritionist yesterday who mentioned to me that a lot of vitamins and supplements actually have trace amounts of gluten, even though it might say 'no gluten' on the label. She claimed Thorne products are truly free of gluten, and the company was commited to keeping gluten sensative people safe from it.

Does anyone use them, or is anyone familiar with Thorne?

I'm starting to worry that my supplements have trace amounts of gluten

I don't or eat anything packaged, just meat, veggies and fruit, so vitamins are the only thing I ingest that is packaged, and now I'm not so sure how safe it is. The nutritionist said that most vitamins contain a starch that contains gluten even if it claims 'no gluten'

I have dermatitas herpetiformis and really need to eliminate any exposure to gluten I may have.

I already order my soap through the mail that's from a company that is commited to protecting us gluten free people, so if Thorne checks out, I may be ordering that too!

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