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I don't believe celiac to be a disease.

how can it be a genetic disorder, when man was on the earth much longer than wheat, which was hybridized by man to yield high amounts of gluten?

It makes no sense logically.

So if wheat was never hybridized from grasses to produce

high levels of gluten, the exact same human genetic make-up would not be a genetic disorder, and gluten would have remained another obscure toxic protein among thousands.

calling celiac a disease, and not a form of environmental poisoning is shifting the blame to the victim of the poisoning, and away from the poison, gluten, which is the common denominator of celiac, and it's effects.

in other words, you have the damage, and symptoms when there is both 1] the genetic predisposition

and 2] the presence of gluten.

if you remove the presence of gluten, the damage and ill effects cease.

now, you can actually take away the genetic predisposition, and find that everyone is effected in some adverse wat bt gluten in the diet. cross fit atheletes cannot compete against gluten free opponents in crossfit games if they eat gluten.

anyone who does a paleolithic challenge for a week, and tries the diet feels better, and reports having symptoms resolve, like gas, headaches, whatever.

Now tell me that it's a disease, or a disfunction of the human body to not tolerate gluten, when its obvious it is not what any human is supposed to be eating, the seed of hybridized grass!

It's common knowlege that it's not good for cattle.

when will we catch up, and realize it's not good for us, either?

  1. hey how do you get calcium? In the meat and veggies diet, I am also doing it.

  2. green beans, carrots, a turnip, all steamed. some ground beef. sometimes, even a salad, w/ avacado. sweet potato, squash. I only eat meat, and vegetables, and a little fruit, so...
  3. OMG i'm going to the store right now! thank you so much!
  4. thanks SOOOOO much. I'm @ 1 week w/ no fruit or sugar, and it does seem to be getting better. cut out the agave nectar in my tea, and my 2 bananas on an empty stomach in the AM. ( i do have an apple sliced up in a salad, but it's not too high in fructose?) kinda sucks because bananas are my one convience food that i can just go into a store and eat, and don't have to worry about it being contaminated, ect... i geuss i can get celery and carrots, and just eat them raw?
  5. welcome to the board! how long are you on the gluten-free diet now?
  6. This is the first I've heard of sugar making dh worse. I'm willing to try anything, so hopefully this helps thanks, although I love bananas. Also, I only use gluten free soap for body care that I order in the mail.
  7. I have DH on my scalp only, so can't compare it to having it elsewhere, but it's extremely painful, and itchy; still, it was even itchier before I was gluten free. I can't really describe with words how bad it's been. It's been getting better on the whole, but it still flares up sometimes, and I'm doing everything I can do now to avoid gluten and casien like the plague. It sure makes you crazy, and feel like you just can't take it any more, like you are being tortured almost
  8. I think it could very well be the tea. I love tea, but I avoid earl grey, because it's basically leftover tea scraps with bergomot flavoring, it's not the whole tea leaves. The tea that goes in there can be from many different sources ( like a port wine?), so therefore there are more risks for contamination. Also, I decided to quit going to the coffee shop for tea, because of all the pastries everywhere, there are traces of gluten on all the surfaces, and i'm just too paranoid now; or, i'm just desperate to get better, and mad at myself for being careless about exposure to CC for a long time
  9. I've been gluten-free ( and dairy, ect...) for @ a month, and have had bad Dh on my scalp and face for many years, and it had gotten way way worse over the last year. It seems like the insane itching, and oozing went down after just a week or so of stopping the dairy, and trace gluten in things like xantam gum which slips into a lot of products.I can definatly tell because now i can put my head under the hot shower without absolute excruciating pain now. visably it looks better, but in truth, it still looks terrible; but i know it is getting better.the bumps are not raised as much. i got th
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