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  1. hey how do you get calcium? In the meat and veggies diet, I am also doing it.

  2. rdunbar


    Just watched Woody Allens "Sleeper", the premise of which is that he is asleep for 200 years, and is woken up; kinda...
  3. rdunbar

    Brainless Neurologist

    I sent her an angry email , saying I was offended, and she responded that she wanted to talk about it on the phone. she...
  4. rdunbar

    Brainless Neurologist

    for me, it was more like, "let me bring some poisin oak into a room full of people who react like crazy to poisin oak...
  5. rdunbar

    #*@($ !#*^% Doctor!

    ^^^ word ^^^
  6. celiac is an autoimmune disease. the dangerous effects are caused by an autoimmune reaction in which your immune system...
  7. when she says "I avoid gluten like the plague the vast majority of the time.", it leads me to believe she cheats on a...
  8. NO!! I'm saying that it would be nuts for her to eat gluten anything! just like it would be nuts to walk across...
  9. rdunbar

    The Irony

    I heard about a new lab that is doing much more comprehensive testing. It's called Cyrex laboritories. aside from...
  10. from a risk/reward perspective this is like crossing a busy street blindfolded. the upside is that you may get to...
  11. rdunbar

    Vitamin K Deficiency

    Dr. Peter Green mentions Vitimin K deficiency in relation to bruising, and clotting on page. 124 of his book, Celiac...
  12. rdunbar

    How Careful Do I Need To Be?

    thanks, rosetapper!!
  13. ravenwoodsglasses' post is spot on, and totally from the heart. please listen to her!! I was a caretaker for an drastically...
  14. rdunbar

    What Causes The Hypersensitivity?

    apparantly, gluten is super potent in even miniscule amounts. It's the gluten, not your sensativity to it that is the...
  15. rdunbar

    Vitamin K Deficiency

    I also heard recently that vitamin K is a osteoporosis wonder drug, as well! glad that you found out that it can benefit...