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Going To Brazil (Rio)

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I'm heading to Rio de Janerio for New Years and am a bit worried as to what i will be able to eat.. ??

I've been there 2 times already before being told to stop eating Wheat and i'm curious if the Wheat products ( and products that contain wheat) in canada are the similar in Brazil?

does anyone know what might be safe aside from the fruit?

I have braces as well and have lost a lot of weight due to the complications of chewing some foods. ( therefore Salads are generally out while in public )

advice? suggestions?

I may not have gone were I intended to go, but I think I ended up where I intended to be.

Diagnosed with IBS (2007)

Dairy free (2009)

Gluten Intolerant (2010)

Celiac July 12, 2011

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