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Symptoms After Going Gluten Free?

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I'm new here and I hope you guys can help with this. I'm really frustrated and a bit worried because I've been having loose stools for the past 3 weeks and I was wondering if my system could be adjusting to being gluten free. Is that possible? I have been seeing a Naturopathic Doctor for the last 7 months to get to the root of my GERD and I recently went to a GI Doc and will be taking a stool test next week. So, I am in the process of ruling out anything else. I was just wondering if going gluten free can disrupt your system and I could be in a period of adjustment.

I've had IGg Elisa testing done which showed high sensitivity to gluten, wheat, eggs and all dairy along with mod. sensitivity to some other foods. I was gluten free for 2 weeks, while taking a probiotic and fish oil before this problem started. The GI doc thinks it was the fish oil but I don't think it would last for 3 weeks! My ND thinks it could be a period of adjustment for my system. I don't know and my anxiety is mounting higher. The symptoms that prompted me to get the IGg test done was primarily eczema and acid reflux. As far as GI problems, I've always had them off and on all my life. My nervousness would go directly to my gut but not for this long. Before this started, I had a little problem with constipation, then I normalized, then I got loose. Sorry for all the tmi.

I will say that I have not been eating gluten, dairy or eggs for the past 6 weeks, so I cannot blame anything there. When I was normal before while eating gluten, dairy and eggs, I now have problems. I have been keeping a food diary for the last 3 months and I cannot pinpoint anything EXCEPT before this started I was eating A LOT of cruciferous veggies and dried fruit, honey and applesauce and pears. Fructose maybe? I thought this too so I've been fructose free as much as possible for the last several days.

Thoughts anyone?

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That sounds really tough. I would go with the advice that several others have given me around here and go with a very strict elimination diet. Find a couple of safe staples that you know don't bother you (if thats possible?) such as chicken, rice, quinoa, etc. When you're only eating a scant few things, see how you feel. After that, start slowly adding possible trouble foods back into your diet. Keep a log and see when you get sick.

I had such random and awful stomach problems before going gluten free - I had no idea that that could've been the issue - that I felt for a long time that I was allergic to food in general. Not a pleasant feeling. It's only been 2 months, but since going gluten-free, I've felt significantly better.

Be sure to listen to your body - more than any doctors or magazines or people on forums can ever tell you, your body will let you know what is right. I had a million tests for gluten and plenty of other allergies that all came up negative... but when I finally went gluten free, I started to feel better.

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