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Celiac Or Gluten Intolerance Without Gi Problems?

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I am gluten intolerant, had IBS for years which resolved when I removed gluten from my diet a few years ago (tested neg for blood test 15 years ago but never retested) and I suspect that my 16 year old is also at least intolerant. She refuses to be tested. When I stopped eating gluten, our whole family switched and she did fine with it but in the last year she has insisted on adding wheat back into her diet because she missed real pizza, bagels, wheat wraps, cookies etc. so because she did not have any real GI issues, I did not think it would be an issue. Since then seemingly coincidentally her anxiety which had been mild all her life, increased 10 fold and she started developing panic attacks. She is very short and always had trouble with growth (she is 4'10") and is also hypoglycemic. I started to wonder if maybe she is gluten intolerant or celiac after all. I was wondering if it is possible that she is even though she does not have real GI issues. She agreed to try going gluten free again and it has been about 3 weeks now. She says she feels a little less anxious but it is not that significant. I am wondering how long I should keep her on the diet. Is there any literature out there that explains what causes the emotional issues when they are caused by gluten and how quickly they resolve if gluten is removed and was the problem?

thanks in advance for any info.

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