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  1. He tweeted recently that he was trying to be gluten-free but found it really hard sometime, or something to that effect...
  2. These are made on dedicated lines, and I've had them several times without any problem. They're Tate's, a gourmet cookie...
  3. I've had these dumplings several times and absolutely love them. Moreover, I've never had any trouble with them upsetting...
  4. Yes, I take klonopin periodically for the same reason, and I haven't had any trouble with it at all. It's a great drug...
  5. I eat the rice crust pizza at least once a month without problem. Same with all Amy's products. For me, the concerns...
  6. Skippy and Jif are also both safe.
  7. Almond Breeze is my favorite. Gluten, dairy, and casein free and the best flavor IMO of rice and nut milks.
  8. It may help people to broaden their thinking in regards to stomach disturbances as glutened vs. non-glutened. There are...
  9. Crunch away, Kimi. I have eaten Berry Berry Kix without any problem. They are like regular and Honey Kix - they contain...
  10. Trader Joe's makes frozen buffalo winks that are gluten-free.
  11. mcclane11

    Starbucks Redux

    my store put their display out early, i guess, because I snagged some Lucy cookies this afternoon. You get four small...
  12. I have to say, I was pretty skeptical reading this discussion. I've bought many breads and cooked many loaves hearing...