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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am moved by the bravery so many people have demonstrating in surviving such terrible ordeals with positive attitudes. Celiac disease is a terrible thing, but for those of us who survive and conquer, our perspectives benefit beyond that which other people may understand. My own brief story...
  3. Yeah, my girlfriend (who also was just diagnosed Celiac, ironically!) agrees it's probably just a legal statement to cover their bums. But it still really makes me nervous! If you're reading this and trust (or don't trust) Arrowhead please comment... I'm just interested as to what other peoples...
  4. Arrowhead just sent another reply to my inquiry, this one is more positive : "Arrowhead Mills takes the allergen issue quite seriously and approaches each product and product type systematically. Considerations which are important in reducing risk include personnel training, scheduling of runs...
  5. I wrote to Arrowhead about their Puffed Rice cereal which I have been consuming several times a day as a staple. I noticed on their packaging the "gluten free" comment had an asterix (*) next to it that stated, "please contact us regarding our gluten-free policy." Well I did, and this is what I got...
  6. STEVIA IS AWESOME! I read that they injected mice with 800 times the daily dose a human would consume and they had no health problems (for what that's worth). I spent $8 on one bottle of the powdered variety and I use it on everything... it's lasted over three months! And we can...