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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I didn't get a PM..can you resend it? Thank you for your help!
  3. Let's see, well, I just asked my mom what blood test was positive and she said the IgG was. Which when I researched, it said that IgG can just mean that a GI problem exist. I really think that this doctor either lost or forgot to take that biopsie when he scoped me because I got all the results back except that one(which was the most important!) and then when he finally answered back he just said that it was inconclusive. Does anyone think that I should get in touch with the lab and find out if there ever was a biopsie? These are my symptoms..if anyone knows what this could be, please tell me because I'm sick of feeling sick and my doctor doesn't seem to know. -Sharp pain below breast bone(top of stomach) -Cramping of stomach(middle and lower) -Still having a lot of acid reflux..I'm on prevacid twice a day and taking Carafate 4 times to coat the ulcers. -Nausea constantly
  4. Yeah, I've been on a gluten free diet since the end of December. So, two months now. It seemed to help with the lower gi problems at first, but now it's kind of bad again. I've been really careful because I'm not going back on wheat until they figure things out! I go to this doctor on March 14th and I'm gonna take all my records to another doctor. I might end up having a colonoscopy. Is that a bad test or is it similiar to the endoscopy? Is that how they check for Crohn's?
  5. Whenever they did my scope, I'm scared they didn't take the biopsie of my small intestines to check for celiac. I was out of it, but my mom said when she asked about it the doctor had a strange look on his face and replied, "she looked pretty flattened out." So, I wonder if he was just covering himself by saying that the test was inconclusive. I guess what i'm gonna have to do is slowly put wheat back in my diet and they are going to have to scope me again. I'm just really sick, and I'm sick of being sick. It's almost 3 months now! I had gastristis, ulcers in my stomach, deuodeunem, and esophagus, acid reflux with blood, and a hiatal hiernia. They rechecked me for h pylori by a stool test, which they said was reliable, and it came back negative. I really hope they figure everything out! I've had to change my entire schedule. I had to change to online classes and I quit my job, so it's been really hard. This just makes it harder!
  6. I'm really confused and I really hope someone can help me! I had the blood test(Celiac Pannel) done in December to check for Celiac. I tested positive. Then, I had an endoscopy in January. I had a lot of damage to my esophagus and stomach(I have ulcers, acid refulx, hiatal hiernia, etc). My doctor didn't mention the Celiac until I asked and he responded, "you look pretty flattened out in your small intestines." I never got the results back from the biopsie they took to check for Celiac. I called and called and he finally said that the test was inconclusive, so we did a genetic test. I tested negative. So, if I don't have the gene does that mean that I don't have Celiac? I am still really sick! I've been on the diet for 2 months now, so I'm scared to get back on wheat. Please give me advice! thanks!
  7. Wow -- I have those sunglasses too!

  8. I'm 5'4'' and before I was diagnosed with Celiac I was always thin and weighed about 100-105 lbs. I am now 90 lbs and I don't feel healthy. I started a food journal to try to see how many calories i'm getting but it's hard because I get so full so fast! I end up eating hardley anything every hour. Does anyone have any suggestions? I tried drinking Boost bc it's lactose free and gluten free. Is there anything else I can do to gain weight? It's hard to gain weight with gluten free food it seems like, especially lactose free food.(not sure if I am lactose intolerant yet) Please let me know if you have any gluten/lactose free recipes that will pack the pounds on! Thanks!!
  9. Hey Joni! I am also new to celiac so I can't give you tons of advice but I can tell you what has helped me. The gluten free diet seems so overwhelming. What I did was I made a notebook of all the information and recipes I found online. That way I could just flip through to find what I needed. I also googled ingredients in things to put my mind at ease about what I was about to eat. This forum has really helped me and I think you will find that it is a great support system! I've been on the diet for 6 weeks now and I still feel pretty bad, but then again, I had some other things wrong with my stomach(h pilori, ulcers, gastritis, reflux, and hietal hiernia). I have wondered how long it takes, but from the research I've done it seems like it depends on the person. I hope you start feeling better! If you ever need anything you can message me because I'm going through the learning process also. Liz
  10. Thanks everyone for helping!! I might try the plain baked lays later when I feel better. I think I'm just sick bc of something in the chips(i'm gonna ask my doctor if he can allergy test me for other foods) and from all the stress. Hopefully it will get better soon!
  11. I just bought some flax seed bread that tastes better than regular bread! It is soo good. I put butter and garlic on it and it tastes GREAT! It is good by itself and to make sandwiches with. It was from the gluten free mall.
  12. I have been wondering about that because when I eat soy ice cream it kind of upsets my stomach. Can they just do an allergy test to check about the soy? I go to my gastro doctor tomorrow and I want to see if he can check me for other intolerences. Thank you for the help!
  13. That's so horrible! I'm so sorry she did that to you! My boyfriend made me feel stupid because I was mentioning that I needed to check if my contact solution was gluten free and he made a similar comment as your doctor. I broke things off with him because I don't need someone making me feel that way. So you should break things off with your doctor! Hopefully you can find a more understand doctor and I can hopefully find a more understanding boyfriend! Take care!
  14. I ate some of those Cheddar Lay Stax last night and I woke up this morning feeling HORRIBLE! It says it is naturally gluten free on the label, but something in it made me sick. Maybe it is the cheddar in it? I've eaten other dairy products and i don't think it has really bothered me before. So why did this bother me now? This has been a really bad day! My boyfriend and I just broke up and the stress is definitely not helping!! I wish I had something to help the nausea. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!
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