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  1. Yes my IGG was very high (over 6 is positive, I scored a 10). My IGA was only a 1 (4 or higher was positive).
  2. I'm not familiar with DGP? I only was tested for TTG IGA and TTG IGG which I thought were the two standard tests. Also Gliadin (Deamidated) for IGG/IGA.. (which were...
  3. I tested positive for TTG IGG but not TTG IGA, and I do not have IGA deficiency. Basically I was just told to avoid gluten because I'm "probably celiac". I am curious what else...
  4. I also didn't score positive on TTG IGA (only a "1", 4 or higher was positive) but my TTG IGG was "10", 6 or higher is positive. So I was told to avoid gluten but read conflicting...
  5. Interesting.. Yes they did test for IGA and it was "5" (20 or higher was "positive") but pretty sure I asked and they said I didn't have a "deficiency". So I guess I'm just like...
  6. Thanks. Yes I've read through a lot of the other posts on the topic but nothing seems super clear. I just got retested actually so we'll see how those results come back.
  7. Hi, Does anyone have any experience with having a low TTG IGA test (but not "deficient")... 1.. Over 4 was positive on scale they used... But my TTG IGG was really high (...
  8. Hi everyone, I had my TTG IGG test done recently by Quest Diagnostics and it came back as "10" (6 and higher is positive)... My TTG IGA test only came back as a "1" ( 4 and...