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    I like gardening, reading, and doing genealogy. Baking is a passion but not enough time to do it in.
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  1. I am not sure where you are from but here in NY state, I have eaten ate two different Olive Gardens and ordered the pasta, once without grilled chicken the second time with and I have gone home both times with a box. I am a pasta eater and can easily eat quite a bit of it. Yes, I eat the salad as well. I have not tried another restaurant that does gluten free pasta as there are not many or I seem not to find them around where I live. Hope this helps.
  2. Sorry to hear things aren't going well. Do you have anyone else in the family that you can turn to or may be able to help in any way? I have the same problem but I am the mom with celiac and have one child out of 4 that has it as well. He is 23 and doesnt follow the diet and now is very sick. He lives on his own and eats whatever he feels and I am trying to get him better and eating better. This can be very harmful if the gluten fre diet is not followed. If you ever want to talk most everyone on here will listen. So do your best to try and follow the diet and eat fruits and veggies, hopefully in time you will start feeling better.
  3. Hey I hear all of you. I have been gluten free for about 3 1/2 years. I tried to have my mother tested and she says no. I have a son age 23, who is celiac and also diabetic type 1. He was just recently hospitalized due to the celiac being so out of whack in his system that the diabeties is killing him. So now I am trying to get him eating gluten free and not just blowing it off, as well as keeping his diabeties in check. I have bought foods for him cause I have read labels and gone through this. My mom buys cornflakes, because it is made of corn she figured it was ok. I have to keep reminding her that she needs to read the labels. I am also going to write down the words for her: Gluten Free, NO WHEAT, NO RYE, NO BARLEY, AND NO MALT. Maybe now she will do better but I have to check all foods before she takes it to my son. My son has a learning disability and doesn't comprehend and will eat anything that is bought for him. I dont want to keep racking my head against the wall, but I have to, to make sure he has the proper foods. Thanks for letting me vent.
  4. Hi, everyone, I hear you. I have been diagnosed with celiac since March of 2006. For about the past year I have had the problem with having to go to the bathroom several times a day and during the night. After being diagnosed, I went off the milk and gluten and felt better after about 6 months. I felt better, but the past year I noticed more about going to the bathroom more and have to way one of those pads due to leakage. I asked my doctor and he said keep doing kegel exercises and it will help. Now I am tryin to see another doctor to get a second opinion. Any ideas, hope you can share. Thanks, if I come across something from the new doctor I will share.
  5. I was on amitriptelyne for migraine control. My problem with it is that I gained weight. I was only on 10mg but along with that I had verapmil which is usually for high blood pressure but the combo of both acts as migraine control. which has worked well, except the weight gain. I have gone off of it for about 2 weeks and have lost 5 pounds of the 30 I have gained in the last 6 months. Back to the drawing board as far as migraine control. I was told being on a gluten free diet that I would lose weight. Did not work for me on that aspect. I am trying hard to eat healthy and tend to overeat, I feel hungry all the time. No idea where to go from here.......
  6. I have had the lays and fritos and do not ever have a problem with it. I must be lucky.
  7. Here in Western NY the Betty Crocker mixes are in Wegmans. I bought the cake and brownies but haven't made them yet. I hope they are as good as everyone says they are.
  8. Is there any place in particular that you bought these betty crocker mixes at? I have tried several other brands and have not baked in a while as I haven't found something that I like that tastes good. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi, I do have this book and it is the only gluten free book cook/baking book I have and it is amazing. I love it. I am the only one in the house gluten free and my son who is a picky eater will help eat these baked goods. I do truly recommend this book as well. Happy baking!
  10. I bought gluten free frozen pie crusts at the local natural food store. I sprinkled sugar across the bottom before putting in the filling and didn't taste too bad. Didn't care for the frozen burger and hot dog rolls though. Last year I made pie crust from a mix and it took forever. If I have time I would use it again. Good luck to whatever you find and use.
  11. Hi, I just thought I'd share that I had a biopsy for something unrelated and was told I was positive for Celiac and was followed up with a blood test. I have four boys, three of which have been tested and only one has been confirmed Celiac and he is also a juvenile diabetic. My fourth son was having stomache issues and we went to have him tested with a blood test and somehow the hospital lab didn't do that test, said it was unnecessary, how can they say that when the doctor orders it. I spoke my mind to the doctor's office and they are willing to redo this test at no charge, but why should my son go through having blood taken when it was not his fault? I have been thinking about changing his doctor, he has had this one since birth and the doc knows him well. it probably was Not sure what to do now. His stomache issues only lasted a couple of days and was probably only a virus. Well, I guess I voiced myself. Sorry for going off track. So I believe it can be possible for only sibling to have Celiac and not another.
  12. My guess would be how sensitive are you? I normally do not have any reaction to food smells in the air except for when my mother was baking a pot roast and whatever combination of seasonings she used made me ill. As soon as I walked outside I felt better, walked back in and it hit me again. Also a co-worker brings her lunch back with her during the afternoon and eats at her desk and again certain seasonings have made me sick just from the smell. I have to tell her to go to the kitchen area to finish so I can work. So it may be unlikely but there is always a chance (IMO).
  13. Yes, plain meat is ok. But the breading is a no no and any meat with marinate or BBQ sauce should always be checked. Even seasonings should be checked. Others have listed that I believe Kraft lists gluten on the label, not too sure about the others. Good luck with any future meat meals.
  14. I did call the doctor back after talking to the nurse at the allergy clinic. She suggested getting ears thoroughly checked by the ENT doc. I asked my doctor what they wanted me to do and because my blood pressure was 100 over 60 they want me to see a nuerologist. I also get migraines and they want to rule out anything about the migraines first. I see the nurse at the allergy clinic weekly and can get an appointment to see the ENT, I just have to let them know when first. Thanks for eveyone's input.
  15. Thanks for your response. The doc checked my ears and said he did not see anything that would cause any redness or infection. I will call and probably will have more tests done. Thanks for your help.
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