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  1. Here is a twist. On my birthday I eat like a normal person. I eat anything including a chocolate cake. Feel great, eat gluten free and feel like crap...... Trying to figure out why. I cook gluten-free and wife tolerates it to make me feel better. I can't bring food to work most...
  2. Year before last had an abdominal pain that no one could identify or fix. After primary doctor, oncologist, surgeon I ended up at gastro. No digestive issues, regular daily and ate everything. Gastro did two endo and colon last year. Removed all polyps and was gluten free ish between visits internals...
  3. Hi all, Diagnosed April 2018. I have been relatively gluten free ever since. So I have Celiac but not to the extent of most, it only messes with my intestine lining. I do not get ill or feel bad when I ate bread and all the food that tastes sooooo good. With that said, have had diarrhea...