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  1. Apart from a couple of mistakes I’ve been gluten free for a month now. I still have issues with digestion. Pain in my abdomen (like there is a blockage ) if I eat a big meal. Small meals are fine, and I still get excessive wind and nausea. Has anyone else had symptoms like these 4 weeks into g...
  2. Anyone had raised serum amylase and MCV abnormalities prior to diagnosis.
  3. Has anyone else on here had raised amylase on the FBC. My doctor told me mine was slightly raised, initially pointing to a problem with the pancreas.
  4. I have been feeling nauseous for months, I’ve also had a myriad of digestive problems, loose pale stools, dark tarry stools, abdominal cramps unexplained weight loss, dizziness. Eventually I went to the doctor and had some bloods ran. They came back abnormal, my amylase levels were high and m...