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    I am the mother of a 2 year old girl. She is my #1 intrest which is closely followed my my great boyfriend Erik. Family time is the best! We love spending time together and having quiet time as well. I am not one for going out much, mainly due to Celiac, but I am not too much of a social bug anyway. I love to read, write, and I sincerly have a passion for B&W photography! <br>I am dedicationg myself to help myself and others get better and see that there has got to be a way to live a normal life.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Its the Generic Vicodin... Hydrocodone.. I saw it on the Celiac.com medications page.
  3. Hey guys and gals.... I am dying to eat something sweet for breakfast and french toast or pancakes sounds absolutely wonderful!! PROBLEM IS: ..... I am allergic to corn, eggs, wheat (like the rest of us), nuts, dairy (all forms as far as I know, not willing to risk it)... well, and I think thats it. Ooooh no wait, Soy too. Uuuuugh Anyway, I would Loooooooovvveeee a recipie for something along these lines. Also, what type of syrup would be ok considering my multiple allergies..... Would just plain ol simple 100% maple syrup work? Hope you guys got something, anything. I have a sweet tooth calling!
  4. Thanks so much for the support. Today (Friday) is much better. I was prescribed some meds for sleeping and anxiety and such, started seeing a therapist..... Things will get better, They have to!
  5. Its Thursday,I have lost a total of 10 punds BUT the good news is I am feeling better. Im still iffy and my anxiety is horrid but all in all I am ok. Gunna go get somemore rest.
  6. Well, I was back in the ER again lastnight. They pumped me with IV fluids and were rediculiously gay! (no pun intended.) Anyway, they pretty much said I was fine and its my anxiety and im pretty much only feeling the pain cause im so worked up. HA, what the hell do they know. Wouldnt your anxiety be up if you were in pain so long and they couldnt figure it out. As for my levels... only amlyse was up but was lower than the 1st visit. My Lipase test was negative. I have had an ultrasound but not yesterday, it was a week ago and they said everything "looked fine". We are looking for a different doctor in the Madison Wisconin area because were going to Wisconsin to visit family. Hopefully I can see someone out there. As for Washington State... Im not sure with Docs. There talking about doing another test.... Im not sure what its called because they had me so out of it lastnight. Uuuugh! Anyway, im gunna go lay down and get some rest. Wish I could eat but I am still on a liquid diet. I've lost 5lbs already as of Monday..... and still havent eaten and i am beginning to look like bones... AHHHH I worked so hard to gain the weight.. and to lose it all so quickly. Im probably down to 114 or 115 now.
  7. I have gone to a 2nd hospital whom only checked records of the 1st. Uuuuugh, it is so frustrating not having anyone who knows what the hell is going on! My doctor is a schmuck like I said before.... and I can't switch docs because I am on state insurance, they choose your doc. As for the things going on.... the doc says its not a stone, they apparently didnt see any stones and the other docs I went to just looked at the records of the hospital and said what the 1st place said... which was nothing really but that SOMETHIGN is wrong, thay just dont know what. My doc says my pain is the pancreus and gall bladder area but nothing apparently looks bad according to the tests the hospital did..... What now????? Hum??????????
  8. I quit breast feeding Sadie at about 9 weeks old or so. I put her on Enfimil w/ Iron but she was still puking. Then the doc recommended that Iput her on EnfamilAR which STILL didnt help so I began putting a scoop of Gerber Rice Cereal in her formula (Enfamil w/Iron) to help her keep it down. It thickens it up and makes it a lot easier to keep down. She started to finally gain weight.... The doc was satisfied!!!!! Her throwing up still happened but no where near as much as she had been.....she was getting enough calories to stay at least average weight. No worries though, she thinned out after she began eating normal foods, crawling, walking and running. You may want to mention this to your friend. it may help her!.. have her ask the pediatrition. Better to have a chubby baby than a malnourished baby!!!
  9. ...well... I was not gluten-free when I was pregnant or after I had my daughter or really even till she was over a year old...... ... Could my breast feeding caused her gastro esophigal reflux because she was underweight till I began feeding her formula (which she still puked up) till I put rice cereal in it. It then made her plump...
  10. You guys are soo great... Its very hard getting support around here except by my great boyfriend... Everyone else just hasseles me with a million retarded questions thinking theyre helping but when in all actuality theyre just pushing my buttons. Sarah, that would be grrreat to get your friends e-mail addy, you could also give her mine. SadiesMomma@hotmail.com I am so frustrated with doctors right now.... I have been eating cream of rice starting this morning and I was a little iffy and I decided after my tummy settled after the rice to eat a little bit of mashed potatoes (upon my stupid docs request) and I was dying till i took a ton of vicodin to mask the pain. Its helping but I am by no means in good shape. I should have read this post before eating anything.. oops! For me, rest rest rest to get this to pass. Hopefully I'll be ok, well I know eventually I will be. This just sucks! A LOT! Im hoping that something will come of this soon! but, I have to wait till the 30th. Dear God, I hope I am not like this till then. And what if this has passed and there still is a gall bladder problem, will they see that with a colonoscopy which is scheduled, or the upper GI endoscopy that they may still schedule? Uuuuuuuuugh! Well, for now home life is laid back. I had an Aunt who was taking my daughter to a city a few hours away to take her to the zoo and see "The Wiggles" in concert, yadda yadda so I will have till Wednesday to relax. I miss her so much, it almost seems harder to get better without her cheery smile and laughter around filling the room. I'm a big mush ball... sitting here crying for no reason, Sadiess ok, I'm gunna be ok, lifes not over cause my dishes arent clean.... Geeze, I love you guys, thanks for being so supportive!!!!
  11. wow, I never thought about it but damn, this makes sense. I use normal water and dont get too bad but feel iffy but when I used bottled water I do allright. Do any of you know if "Talking Rain" flavored water is gluten-free? -Heather
  12. SadiesMomma

    Does It Hurt For You?

    Hi Guys, Aww you are all so great!!! Thanks for not thinking im some sex freak or something. I am just trying to live life like a normal human being like everyone else! Thanks for the input! HUGS!
  13. Ok, I went to the doc today like the hospital said to do.... She was absolutely a schmuck, AGAIN!!! She couldnt even remember my food allergies.... Shes a retard I swear! They said that my levels are high of amalyse (sp) but nothing else shows a problem so basically I have to wait till I have my colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy. Uuuuuugh thats not for a whole month (4-30-04). I am getting pissed! ALl they said was to stay on a liquid diet and if i feel up to it to start eating low fat and low grease foods. I dont anyway but they just dont get it. As for now I am stuck drinking green tea and eating chicken broth. Eweee! I have lost 5 lbs since thursday, and today is only Monday (5 days)... thats a lb a day. EEK. I need to get some food in my body that wont hurt me!! Anyone know things I can have under my strict diet restrictions. I cant have the drinks cause im lactose intolerant and cant have corn. I cant have nuts, soy, dairy, eggs.. yadda yadda.... PLEASE HELP... i need to get this weight back on and get some energy. I can barely write this, let alone go with my daily routine.
  14. Thanks Thanks Thanks for your sympathy.