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    I am the mother of a 2 year old girl. She is my #1 intrest which is closely followed my my great boyfriend Erik. Family time is the best! We love spending time together and having quiet time as well. I am not one for going out much, mainly due to Celiac, but I am not too much of a social bug anyway. I love to read, write, and I sincerly have a passion for B&W photography! <br>I am dedicationg myself to help myself and others get better and see that there has got to be a way to live a normal life.
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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Its the Generic Vicodin... Hydrocodone.. I saw it on the Celiac.com medications page.
  3. Hey guys and gals.... I am dying to eat something sweet for breakfast and french toast or pancakes sounds absolutely...
  4. Thanks so much for the support. Today (Friday) is much better. I was prescribed some meds for sleeping and anxiety...
  5. Its Thursday,I have lost a total of 10 punds BUT the good news is I am feeling better. Im still iffy and my anxiety is...
  6. Well, I was back in the ER again lastnight. They pumped me with IV fluids and were rediculiously gay! (no pun intended...
  7. I have gone to a 2nd hospital whom only checked records of the 1st. Uuuuugh, it is so frustrating not having anyone who...
  8. SadiesMomma


    I quit breast feeding Sadie at about 9 weeks old or so. I put her on Enfimil w/ Iron but she was still puking. Then the...
  9. SadiesMomma


    ...well... I was not gluten-free when I was pregnant or after I had my daughter or really even till she was over a...
  10. Good luck to us all!
  11. You guys are soo great... Its very hard getting support around here except by my great boyfriend... Everyone else just...
  12. wow, I never thought about it but damn, this makes sense. I use normal water and dont get too bad but feel iffy but when...
  13. SadiesMomma

    Does It Hurt For You?

    Hi Guys, Aww you are all so great!!! Thanks for not thinking im some sex freak or something. I am just trying to live...
  14. Ok, I went to the doc today like the hospital said to do.... She was absolutely a schmuck, AGAIN!!! She couldnt even...
  15. Thanks Thanks Thanks for your sympathy.