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  1. No worries about discounting Crohn's (tests are all booked) although i'm pretty confident it's Celiac now. My calprotectin is too low and my symptoms improve then worsen like i'm being glutened. Not very Crohn's like at all. Having said that, I discovered that my brother who has Celiac's went through...
  2. Thank you all for your helpful replies! if completely forgot that Celiac is supposed to be the small intestine. No wonder my GI guy thinks I have Crohn's. I question everything though..so always open to the fact that there are outliers, things that we haven't discovered yet, etc. So as an update...
  3. I will start by saying how absolutely confusing this disease is! I have a medical background, being a pharmacist that worked clinically in hospital for years and in government making recommendations on drug listing decisions for many diseases. This however, has proven to be ridiculously difficult...