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  1. Love my fruit and some veggies.. Meats i dont have a problem with eating. Im staying away from fast food
  2. The gluten free pizza at pizza joints charger away to much for gluten free pizzas.. I found the found the frozen gluten free pizza ate better.. I miss eating Chinese food but I don't even do that anymore because of concerns of it being contaminated with gluten.. it's really hard to trust all this...
  3. I dont eat out very offen .. I pick my gluten free stuff over gluten any day.. I love my salads and my fruits. The only veggies i really like to eat are potatoes broccoli cauliflower.. And my fruits bananas apple pears and black olives watermelon and etc.. Im doing alot better with things.. I dont...
  4. Right.. I know when I go to Arby's they wiped out on their counter change their gloves and do my order before they touch any gluten Burger King I get a burger salad in is I get the roast beef with cheese on top of it . Burger King and McDonald's I get a burger salad the most of the time I go to salad
  5. I didnt think bout that.. cuz I've been to Hacienda the couple times an ordered off the gluten free menu... Im just going to stop eating... If only i could
  6. Be glad u dont have to go frequent I go from the time I get up the time I go to bed it sucks and miserable I will see my GI on the 24th of November hopefully he has some insight on what's going on with me fingers crossed
  7. Oh I know after I got my gallbladder removed it went downhill from me and that's when I found out I had celiac disease.. I don't know anymore so I have a question if something says may contain gluten does that mean it has gluten in it
  8. Oh thank u.. Im sorry i have u wrong information.. I know I just hate celiac disease I wish I never got my gallbladder removed that's what caused my celiac disease
  9. It's called Creon I think it's just a medicine if I remember correctly cuz it's been a minute since I've been on it It's been a couple years since I've been diagnosed with celiac disease I think if I'm remember correctly with the stomach Dr the reason he gave me that medicine was to help coat...
  10. I stay away from fast food as much as i can.. And if i do eat out.. Im getting salads. some places do have a gluten free menu. Im on medicine for my celiac.. I have to take one if im snacking and two for a meal.. And i have zofran when im noxious
  11. Yes i have been test for it and been diagnosed with it.. I love me some veggies and fruit and meats.. here lately fruit been what i go to.. They dont upset my stomach.. I have a hard time with the sweets.. Most of the sweets out there has gluten in it.. But i have found one sweet that doesnt have...
  12. Yes i am.. I have my ups and downs with gluten and gluten free.. Im coming around like gluten free.. Its just so expensive.. I'm always nauseous with my celiac and I have burning in my stomach I thought it was my female problems that I have to but they ruled that out so I'm thinking it's Celiac I...
  13. Does anyone have bathroom probably with their celiac disease I'm constantly in the bathroom because of mine. And does does stress have impact do to my bathroom issues