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  1. Interesting you were craving thiamine. The body give us clues at times what it needs.I will reach out to Dr Lonsdale and Dr Marrs. Thank you for the link to endometriosis and vitamins especially found in food being beneficial. Just all shows how perfectly balanced vitamins jobs are in our bodies...
  2. Hi DebJ14. You must of been feeling very run down not being diagnosed for so many years and missing the vitamins you needed. I'm so glad you can now live life feeling good. In your case I can see genetic testing helped so much to determine a genetic reason for not absorbing vit D and B12. ...
  3. Knitty Kitty that is an awesome link on thiamine. Very detailed and yes I could reach out to Dr Lonsdale and Dr Marrs. The thiamine we have is thiamine nitrate which I believe would not contain that fat solubility garlic thing that allows it to get through to the cells better which allithiamin has...
  4. Hey lovely people. Thank you for all your support and I'll share details of todays visit with the Developmental/Behavioural Paediatrician. Jade has been diagnosed with executive function disorder, ADHD and splintered cognitive function without autism. And also Auditory Processing Disorder that she...
  5. Thank you both Knitty Kitty and Raspberryfirecracker. 😊 Knitty kitty we will be a few hours today. App not till 2.30pm here. If yr in USA it will be around 1am or later by the time we get home. Get some sleep. ❤ Thanks so kind of you. I will post but it will be late for all you guys.
  6. Yes Trents, I always thought genetic testing was to see which type of medications suit best for the person such as antidepressants etc.
  7. Thank you raspberryfirecracker. That's helpful information. And thank you for your well wishes for my daughter about vitamin taking. Today she sees a pediatrician. I am hoping he will be able to help determine some kind of dosage and for which vitamins, preferably through testing her blood...
  8. Thank you Trents. I truly believe that we are on the right track because of all your and others advice on this forum. I have learned a lot about the nutritional deficiencies and how important and urgent it is to correct them asap. I won't be waiting for biopsy to get her on supplements...
  9. Sorry couldn't edit. She learned where 90 Countries were in the one night, not 190. But that us still amazing.
  10. Wow thanks all! You have provided me with great advice and the links are so helpful to learn more about this disease and its complications. Yesterday I gave my daughter, Jade, a B Complex vitamin. I already know she is deficient in b12 from blood test, but unknown about others. Quite possibly...
  11. Thank you GFinDC for the link. It describes the testing well. Also I remembered allergies were Ig something that's why initially I thought it could alter the test result., Of course now you mention it allergies are IgE not IgA. Thank you for clearing that up for me. Also I have since learned...
  12. Will do. Will post back in after biopsy when we have results. Thanks a million everyone for your help and support.
  13. Thanks Knitty Kitty. Hubby went out to get a B Complex vitamin already and we have given her a tablet. But its only one. Can hold off to Monday now and tell Paed what she has had. Also Trents we are in Melbourne, Australia. Hubby pointed out there is also a Melbourne in USA. But we still have...
  14. Thanks Trents. We are in Melbourne so have Costco. Hubby has already gone to get a B Complex and come back with Cenovis. It says no added gluten so hopefully ok.