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  1. DownWithGluten

    Lesbian, celiac and coping

    I don't date much at all ...like, really, next to 0. But if/when I ever do, I almost want to require that they have celiac or gluten intolerance too because I just don't want to deal with the BS. Haha. Or maybe at least some kind of chronic...
  2. DownWithGluten

    Pretending To Be Fine But Really Falling Apart

    Hello, I understand! People have given you good advice about the roommate thing. Yes you have to go kind of leper-mode when it comes to your food, and you will begin to feel like a leper too (this whole thing can be isolating, sorry to...
  3. DownWithGluten

    Dealing With People Who Don't Understand

    It is difficult! And cristiana, I know what you mean about other celiacs or gluten intolerants poking holes in our credibility. They'll claim to need to be gluten free but then will go and eat some cookies occasionally. I mean ...I know...
  4. DownWithGluten

    Dealing With People Who Don't Understand

    I don't have much encouragement, but at least I can say I know how you feel and I would like to go smack all those people at your party. Lol. I actually experience a lot of anger over the way other people react. My intestinal reactions to...
  5. DownWithGluten

    Just So Tired Of It All

    Hanshotfirst, unfortunately I have no solutions. I just want to offer another voice of support to show that I know what you feel like. In some twisted sense it might be "easier" for me in that the pain/sickness was so bad beforehand that...
  6. Wow you all have more balls than I do. I've been gluten free since 2007 and I'm still afraid of offending people. It gives me lots of troubles, really. I'm more like rockstarkate I guess...the "people pleasing" aspect. I love how you all...
  7. ah I remember you too. I don't post on here as much either. Nice of you to give encouragement to the newbs. It's been 7.5 years for me now. Within that time, I've only been "glutened" three times....and each of those times reminds...
  8. Interesting topic! All these people telling her not to go ...clearly don't get it. Anyway...it's interesting because I've actually wondered this before. What if I were to get stuck somewhere where bread was the only option...prison,...
  9. DownWithGluten

    French Baguettes

    Bonjour...I don't live in France but I've thought about it, so I've looked this up a little before. I would say...no, you can't eat the baguettes. If you want to be gluten free, for real...you can't eat any gluten...not even a little...
  10. Oh and, just more on this...as far as restaurants. Probably the best and most consistent one I've found to work is Outback Steakhouse. I know, you don't eat meat! But I have a vegan sister and she can find things there. As well, P.F. Changs...
  11. Hey, hope you're feeling less overwhelmed. I think we can all relate to that initial disappointment and despair. Even the rice cakes...haha, for the first few months all I ate were random rice chips and like chicken broth. But don't...
  12. Okay! Wanted to close the loop for those who are curious and for future individuals who may Google "swiss miss gluten free" in hope of answers. I called them today and she confirmed that, yes, ALL varieties of Swiss Miss hot cocoa are...
  13. DownWithGluten

    How To Know If It's Really Gluten Free?!

    Oh my friend I'm the quintessential "whimpering chick." I've been on the gluten free diet since 2007 and have only gotten glutened twice, both in 2008. The price of this success is being the whimpering chick, the doubter, the annoying person...
  14. Okay I called. Since it's new years they didn't have any live people. But the automated robot gave me a bunch of rigamarole that basically said if there is barley, rye or wheat in any ingredient, then they will list that in parentheses...
  15. Thanks. I think I will call them just to be sure. There isn't barley or wheat or rye listed but it does have 'natural flavors' kinda stuff.