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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I would suggest trying things you've never eaten before just because you never felt like you needed to for variety. I've learned to love new vegetables. Using new spices and vinegars can add lots of variety to your food even if you're using the same basic ingredients. I could eat rice every night of the week and never have it taste exactly the same. Get a good cookbook or peruse the internet for new ideas. You could just google "quinoa recipes" and find all kinds of new things. Try quinoa (or even quinoa flakes) with fruit, nuts, cinnamon, etc for breakfast instead of cold cereal and milk. I'm not sure what you're specific sensitivities are, but I have lots of them and on top of that I'm veg by choice. I go through periods where I am bored, but mostly I'm getting to try new stuff all the time. Feel free to post or send me a message with your sensitivities and I'll see if I have tried anything that you might like. Good luck
  3. Definitely! I made some last night and they tasted pretty good, but weren't tortilla-like (too dry/hard). I'd love the recipe. Thanks :-) And I'm actually not sold on brown rice as being the best, they're just what's been available. I really would love to make something using at least partial bean flour for the protein. I'm a gluten-free/soy-free vegan and add protein to staple foods where ever I can.
  4. Thanks,Tom. I see that you are also soy-free. Am I correct in assuming you've had no problem with these being made on the same equipment? I did just call my tj's and they are out right now, but expect a shipment of them tonight.
  5. I am not too far from one of them. In fact I was just there yesterday and didn't know they carried them so I didn't look. Do you happen to know if those tortillas are also vegan and soy-free like the ffl ones?
  6. I did a search and didn't see this anywhere on the board...I hope I'm not duplicate a topic. But I'm wondering...am I the only one having a hard time finding the FFL brown rice tortillas? There used to be 3 grocery stores in my area that carried them and all of them have been out for at least 2 months. I asked at WFM and the purchaser said he keeps ordering and they just don't come in. I've emailed FFL twice and gotten no response.
  7. Whew! I'm finished...and 28 hours early!! I couldn't have done it without you. Thanks so much for all your help! For those of you that thought you were getting free psycho-analyzation...sorry. This was strictly a graphic/visual thing. There is this "golden ratio" in the math world. It is present in nature. It is widely believed to have been used in art and architecture and to be universally thought of as most aesthetically pleasing. So that's what my paper was about. Obviously since I just submitted the paper, I haven't gotten a grade on it, but I've gone ahead and posted it in case anybody cares. http://drsimpsongallery.com/goldenratio/paper.pdf For some reason when I converted to pdf the "appendix" links stopped working. If you want to see the stats in appendix B the link for that is http://drsimpsongallery.com/goldenratio/AppendixB.swf More interesting to some (translated most) people than the actual paper...the writing playlist... A Shuffle of John Mayer - Heavier Things Chris Botti - To Love Again: The Duets Relient K - The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek Edwin McCain - Messenger Soundtrack to A Walk to Remember Patsy Cline - Heartache Out of the Grey - Gravity Nichole Nordeman - Brave
  8. Thanks everybody, I'm still collecting data. But somebody (tom)here is pretty quick and on top of their math! It's just a short little research paper (supposed to be 2-3 pages...but I can hardly write a letter that's only 2-3 pages!), but when I'm done I'll give you more info and might even post the paper on my website. The survey part is a little something I added to the boring "do internet research" stuff, so that it'll actually mean something to me!
  9. Hi. I'm sorry for the short notice, but if you have a couple minutes to help me out - that would be great! A short (6 questions) survey for a research project. The first question is just male/female (be sure not to miss it, i didn't design it very well!) Then the rest are groups of graphics (lines, squares, circles, etc) and all you need to do is choose the one in each group you find "most attractive" If you have a chance to do this today or Saturday I'd really appreciate it. (We were only given 2 weeks for the project and I've been fighting with formmail for the last week!) http://drsimpsongallery.com/html/survey.html Thanks Dawn
  10. I've actually done this with turkey, but would do it the same way for chicken. I can't have eggs either, so I make the flax seed egg replacement. Then I roll the turkey nuggets (cut breast cutlets to the right side) in that. Eggs would work if you can have them. Then I make a mixture of quinoa flakes and whatever gluten free flour i have (usually i use something other than quinoa as it tends to be a bit strong...amaranth or millet is the most likely for me to have) and coat the "egg" covered nuggets with that. Then heat oil in a frying pan and pan fry the nuggets. I don't "deep fry" but turn the nuggets on each side. At least in my mind this method soaks in less fat ;-) Yummy! I usually use olive oil, but it smokes A LOT so you'd probably want to use an oil with a higher temp tolerance. Last time I made turkey nuggets, I mixed some agave nectar and dijon mustard for tasty sauce. Problem with the sauce is that I ended up eating more of the nuggets than I should have just to finish it. Funny, it didn't make me eat more spinach salad that I had put it on as a dressing. hmmm....
  11. I'll have to do a little experimenting as i don't use much corn and am allergic to eggs. But the basis sounds really good and pretty easy. Thanks :-)
  12. My favorite at my local Chinese restaurant is General Tso's chicken and I haven't gotten that quite figured out yet. And at least next week I'm going to do a vegetarian/detox diet so it'll be a while before I get that. But since I've got the "soy sauce" pretty close and I know how to make "chicken nuggets" I think I'll get it eventually BUT...I finally made something that tastes like Asian food! And without gluten, soy and sesame that is not an easy thing! I made a sauce of blackstrap molasses and balsamic vinegar. (About 2Tbsp molasses and 1-2 tsp of the vinegar). Then I added salt, fresh ground black pepper & crushed red pepper. Would probably be good with a little cinnamon or ginger too, but I don't think I added them this time. Then I thinned it out with water to a thin soy sauce consistency. I stirfried in safflower oil - fresh broccoli cut in small florets and water chestnuts. In another pan, I browned ground beef (would be really good with chicken too) Then I mixed those two together and poured the sauce over it and cooked it until the broccoli was soft enough. Put it on bibb lettuce leaves (they were a bit small, so you might want to try somethlng larger...either iceberg or cabbage?) and wrap. To go with it I mixed brown rice and frozen peas/carrots with a little bit of the same sauce and apparently I added more red pepper! Yummy!!! Oh, and btw, my mom had some. She's not got problems with gluten or soy, and she still loved it, unlike some of my creations! For those of you who aren't allergic to pineapple, I think a bit of that would have been really good in this too. Ooo...I just had a thought...anybody made gluten-free fortune cookies?
  13. I second the probiotics idea. I'd also suggest looking into glutamine powder. It's really good for the health of your intestines. Unhealthy intestines affect everything else in the body. I hope things will improve for you soon.
  14. I used to use the mineral veil with whatever other brand(s) of makeup I was using at the time. I only quit using it because I found out a few of the ingredients are no-nos for me. It was great stuff!
  15. http://www.livingtreecommunity.com/recipes.asp#26 Here's the link. It's called Habib's Raw Nut Cheese. The semester started today so I don't know whether I'll get to start it tonight or wait til the weekend. But if I get to it before you, I'll let you know how it goes.
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