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  1. Just to throw in my two cents here. . .for a bottle for your own (filtered) water what you want is a bottle made by Nalgene. . .they sell them in Canada at Mountain Equipment Co-op (I think you can also get them online). They are made of a special kind of chemically stable plastic which is photo...
  2. Sorry, Sharon. . .I'm mostly here to sympathise. I'm not on Dapsone either, and I still have scars (and a few scabs. . .the really, really, really bad ones) six years later - the good news is they're no longer livid purple, more a pale pink but visible as I have REALLY fair skin. Don't be too...
  3. I was what my Mom calls a leaky baby - burped, pooped, spat, vomited, etc. at every possible opportunity (I know all babies burp, poop, spit, etc, but I did it to the point where my mother couldn't touch me after she'd gotten dressed for work, or she'd have to change. . .again). Was reasonably sturdy...