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  1. nutralady2001

    Aussie Members, Can You Help?

    I mean *vege* spread can't seem to edit my post for some reason.
  2. nutralady2001

    Aussie Members, Can You Help?

    There is another one I can't for the life of me remember now..(not evege spread).........maybe Georgie will see the thread and remember. I miss Vegemite.
  3. nutralady2001

    Controversial Facebook Post By Chef

    From the comments "I happen to know the whereabouts of this Damian Cardone. He is living with his new fiance, in Sea Girt, NJ. I am friends with XXXX and I think the guy is a total jerk. The town of Sea Girt should be notified of this guy who is now probably looking for employment since his reloction to New Jersey." I "X'd" out the fiance's name but it's in the comments if you go read them.
  4. I'm afraid my opinion of the Australian Coeliac Society has moved down several notches with their "push" to have the gluten free status of food raised from <5ppm to <20ppm . We were always the frontrunner in Coeliac Disease ....no more.
  5. nutralady2001

    Christmas Dinner Woes

    i am so sorry Georgie! I too wonder if there are deeper issues here. Tell them you'll bring your own food (make it "Christmassy" and VERY appealing) all you need is a microwave to heat it and see what they say then. I am so lucky. I usually go to my daughter's and she always checks with me and reads labels then asks if she isn't sure. If you lived close by you could have Christmas lunch with us, no worries about food or c/c......... ((((hugs))))
  6. nutralady2001

    Night Sweats

    I get them but I had mononucleosis extremely badly years ago...night sweats were one of my symptoms .... still have the EBV in my system and when I get run down/over tired then I get them
  7. nutralady2001

    Scopes Tomorrow!

    Hi Bev I have Hashimoto's too. More than likely your tests will be positive. Both my blood tests and biopsy were positive. Let us know what happens !
  8. nutralady2001

    How High Was Your Iga When Diagnosed?

    tTG 300 (0-35) All other antibodies "detected"
  9. Welcome ! I also have Hashimoto's Disease as well as Coeliac Disease. Lots of Hashi's people find going gluten free helps reduce antibodies. Bear in mind though that thyroid hormone is essential for your body your thyroid gland controls everything. A gluten free diet may not be enough and you may need thyroid hormone replacement. Keep testing TSH, Free T3, Free T4 and TgAb and TPO antibodies.Once on thyroid hormone replacement most Hashi's people seem to do best with a TSH close to zero FT3 at the top of the range and FT4 at around the 2/3-3/4 mark. How long have you been gluten free for? It may be worth running a Coeliac panel and having an endoscopy anyway as Hashi's and Coeliac seem to go hand in hand but you need to still be eating gluten for the tests to be accurate.
  10. nutralady2001

    Im Not Crazy

    Oh I hear you ! Problems as a child in the '50's, OK I'll cut the doctors some slack back then not much was known. Diagnosed with "eczema" in the '60's, know now it was DH, then in 1969 with "mucous colitis" was so sick that year the Education Department refused to give me permanency til I'd been teaching a year and had another medical OK still cutting some slack. Fast forward to when "IBS" became the buzzword.............basically "suck it up and learn to live with it"......yeah right ! An endoscopy showed villi damage at 12 months gluten free by then I'd figured out the problem and gone gluten free the scope was for something entirely different thank God the gastro took biopsies and enough of them. Agreed to go back on gluten for the antibodies test, as the scope report said "early Coeliac" when I believe it was "late healing". Only lasted 2 and 1/2 weeks and couldn't go on was so sick could taste blood in my mouth. Had the Coeliac panel done scared I hadn't been on gluten long enough.......every antibodies test positive with a tTG of 300 (0-35) !!!!!!!! So problems from about the age of 8 and officially diagnosed when I was 59 !!! I'm over the anger now and just glad I know what was wrong with me.
  11. Welcome ! You don't need a positive biopsy to join the Coeliac Society just a letter from your doctor saying you need to be gluten free
  12. I'm positive I have had it since I was a child and misdiagnosed until I was around 58 as first "mucous colitis" then "IBS".
  13. nutralady2001

    I Found Bread! (australia)

    Found Vitality Bakehouse.......... absolutely yummy, great texture freezes well toasts well. Best sandwich bread too am loving having fresh sandwiches again
  14. nutralady2001

    Some People Are Cruel

    I've been wanting to comment but have quite honestly been rendered speechless. This is abuse, plain and simple. I would not take this and say nothing......contact her, show her the rash and quite honestly you would be quite within your rights to tell her you can never trust her again. Ask her how she would feel if you put "just a little bit" of rat poison in HER food.
  15. nutralady2001

    Ttga Blood Test Result

    I also had antibodies tested after the biopsy. All the antibodies were positive and my tTG was 300 (0-35)