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  1. I'm afraid my opinion of the Australian Coeliac Society has moved down several notches with their "push" to have the gluten free status of food raised from <5ppm to <20ppm . We were always the frontrunner in Coeliac Disease ....no more.
  2. Welcome ! I also have Hashimoto's Disease as well as Coeliac Disease. Lots of Hashi's people find going gluten free helps reduce antibodies. Bear in mind though that thyroid hormone is essential for your body your thyroid gland controls everything. A gluten free diet may not be enough and you...
  3. Hi everyone just thought I'd bump this back to the top for 2010, see if there are any newbies.
  4. I had endoscopy and colonoscopy at the same time. One minute I was awake talking to the anaesthetist as he told me what he was doing .....it's only an IV sedation in the hand not a full on mask job, and the next I was waking up in recovery.....no after effects at all not even a sore throat...easy...
  5. Welcome ! Yes I agree about the Nobel Prize I've often said that LOL I make my own bread using the Sunbeam Quantum bread maker and use Laucke's gluten free bread mix, available in most supermarkets I also have Hashimoto's Disease/hypothyroidism
  6. Probably not year after year of presenting with symptoms and not one of them suggested any diagnostic testing .Even my diagnosis was "accidental" as I had the scopes because I was severely anaemic and a bowel screening showed blood in both upper and lower GI tracts
  7. Welcome ! I was misdiagnosed for over 47 years, probably close to 50, firstly with "mucous colitis" then "IBS" can't get those years back but wish I could go to all the doctors I've seen and wave the test results under their noses
  8. I have absolutely no problems getting copies of all my tests, one click of the mouse and it's done !
  9. Hi Jade.................... hope you have a great time!!
  10. Welcome teemaree If you join the Coeliac Society you will get a little blue book listing gluten-free ingredients you can take shopping with you.Read all labels Be aware that although glucose syrup/caramel colouring etc from wheat is deemed "gluten free" by processing there are people like...
  11. Hi Amber yes I did one of the most amazing experiences of my life I found when I cut out glucose syrup that my energy levels soared and the lingering brain fog went. I also have Hashimoto's Disease , another auto-immune disease that kills the thyroid gland and can produce the same symptoms...
  12. You'll need to read the labels, a lot of them contain glucose syrup made from wheat. The Coeliac Society will tell you it's safe as it's so highly processed there is no detectable gluten, however it made an enormous difference to me when I trialled cutting it out I found Toppa in Woollies the...
  13. Welcome ! When I went shopping yesterday I had to hurry past the biscuit aisle when I saw all the varieties of Tim Tams that have come out since I went gluten-free Didn't mean to look it was accidental
  14. I have had the SillyYaks meat pie and it was great! Wasn't too impressed with the apple pie though
  15. Not sure Saz. I know georgie gets some lollies etc from online stores but obviously you won't get them in time for Christmas And speaking of restauraunts has anyone ever eaten at a Hogs Breath Cafe? http://www.hogsbreath.com.au/ You think you'd be OK with steak and salad but thinking...