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  1. Never heard of these connections, and proven connections are even harder to find. Celiac and related diseases have only been able to identify in our lifetime. I think I have Milk Soy Protein Intolerance, no test for that yet, so the doc will have to take my word. Trust your instinct, nothing is too weird to mention, ask questions! Welcome to the gluten free world ! It is just fine. My mom is a celiac, when I was diagnosed she'd never had pizza, but knew I felt like you. Betty Hagaman's cookbook has a great pizza dough. It is nothing like the dough you have known, more like paste, but all the gluten eaters in my extended family prefer it. Mom makes a bunch, par bakes it and you have a crust better than you'll ever find retail, on demand in the freezer.
  2. I have been asking that question for 5-6 years. Finding things that helped some like B-12 injections, eliminating all grain, iodonized salt, eliminating nightshades, regulating sylicilates, but still quite ill. I am posting today because I have hope again. I think milk proteins are the culprit. The delayed reactions made it hard to see the connection, but I think I am right! I have not found a lot of info, & could use some suggestions. I also wonder how long it takes to see improvement?
  3. I need a suppliment. Doc suggested Brewers Yeast, I checked it is not an option for celiacs. He is reluctant to give injections. I check food sources and because of other dietary limitation that won't be enough. Can we take pills? I don't do well with pills. Are ther capsules?
  4. Ravenwood is right on target. I finally did a spectracell analysis to check for absorbtion. Not covered by insurance but only $75. Has really given me direction and peace of mind. Good luck.
  5. I start the B-12 injections today. Sure hope this clears the fog and fatigue. Nice to see it makes a noticable difference in you folks. I as suprised that this treatment went on for years for some, and that folks seem to be looking for an oral alternative. Why not just do the shots?
  6. Thanks for the article, very timely for me. Regular blood panels show everything is okay, but I did a spectracell ananysis a couple weeks ago. The doc called with the results yesterday, "No wonder you feel bad" I am unable to metabolize B-12, C, E, and selenium. I begin injections today. I hope this works because the pain and the mental deterioration is both scary and exhausting.
  7. For the last year I have had several suppliments suggested by my doctor. All except l-glutamine, coQ10, and probiotics have made me ill. A couple weeks ago I did a spectracell analysis. Doc says I am missing the trinsic factors that make the body able to utilize the vitamins and minerals. Normal blood tests showed adequate levels but when checked, the body is unable to use several. This condition causes the body to reject oral suppliments. I begin injections today. Hope this helps.
  8. I am thinking of adding soy to my diet. The best tofu I have ever had I have always gotten at resturants. Puffed, commercially flash fried. I found it in a huge asian market in Austin TX. I can find it online but not a vendor. Anyone know where to get it?
  9. Thanks for the support and information. I read the salicylate link and bought the celiac disease. I have cleaned up my environment and eat a very low salicylate diet. Its helped some of the pain and reduced flushing. I read about Lectins too. I cut back for several months. I am adding some legumes and seem to be tolerating them well. Being free of nightshades has reduced many allergic type reactions. I have been able to add back some white potato. Being grain free has ended many gastro problems and migraines for the most part. I am vegetarian, and have not eaten eggs in decades. I was lactose free for a year but now tolerate full fat dairy products. I think my intestine has healed. I am questioning my homeopathic doctor when he suggestes mega doses of minerals and suppliments. I ask for a levels test before taking the stuff. So far I have not shown any deficiencies. I will need a lot of convincing before I try a grain. Personally I'd like to test Soy next. I do take flaxseed oil, probiotics, CoQ10, l-glutamine, and citrucel daily. I will speak to a nutritionist, get Upper GI results, see my homeopath and my family physcian in the next 8 weeks. Hopefully they will stop guessing, or blaming me when it comes to the issues of pain, and the fevers I still deal with daily. Sometimes I need to remind my self how far I have come, and that things are getting better, eventhough the end still is not here. Thanks to everyone who makes me feel like I am a part of a group, and not the only one out here dealing with these problems : )
  10. I am from the US. I am into my seventh year off suffering since becoming gluten free. Through elimination I feel I can correlate rice and corn to migraines. Now that I have been completely grain free for 6 months, the medical community now blames my suffering of diet defieciencies, they are encouraging me to add grains. I am full of fear, every grain I have tried on the 4 year trek of elimination has resulted in suffering. I have not had processed foods, nor eaten in a resurant for several years except for a lettuce only salad. The medical community blames chronic pain on my lack of grains, even though my vitamin and mineral levels seem in normal range. I used hydrocodone for the chronic pain for one year. Now they blame the meds for creating the pain. I have been off all pain meds for 2 months. Going crazy with the return of debilitating pain. No grains has helped. No pain meds cleared some fog but leaves me mental ready but physically unable to participate. Everything is a chore, getting dressed, eating, going to the bathroom. Accomplishing those has me calling it a good day. Anyone with chronic pain finding relief from any other treatment? I am so tired from not sleeping because of pain issues. Not doing anything because of pain issues. I tried accupuncture but the nickel caused more problems than relief. Learning to endure, but feeling like I'd rather quit if there is no hope for any pleasure in life.
  11. Jenny- Bummer sometimes isn't it! Glad to hear you are a fighter! Me too! Really gets me when I start to lose the will to continue the fight, but everytime, someone comes along says the right thing and I am fighting again. I can identify with not wanting to eat. Watching the scale works for me. If I drop below 110 I push myself to increase calories, 117-123 I congratulate myself and pay no attention, if ever over 124 I suppose I'd cut back calories (never happened). For me eating is rarely fun, food is the medicine that keeps me healthy. I have identified many food reactions over time, gluten, all grains, and salicylates cause all of the reactions I have identified and remedied. Pain...really tough nut to crack for me. About 1.5 years ago I began pain meds, very small amounts. It was such a relief to move without pain and to enjoy activities. I did not focus of aching all over, began smiling again. Slowly the dose increased, finally I was on 2 kinds, But recently I began to feel nausea and was constipated, it seemed unrelated to any particular food. So I stopped the pain meds just a week ago. Rather hard to suffer again. My pain is all over not digestive, but fasting and regular bowel movements help alot. Still searching for the cause because life should be better than this, I did an essential nutrient evaluation. Showed my doc and he sugested coQ 10. It has helped some (at least I am not crying). I use ice, hot showers, and exercise for relief. This is a bit personal but masterbation also gives relief when I am going out of my mind. I don't really know the cause of my pain yet, but hope I can find the source in my nutrient profile. Hurting is not normal, and I believe coping is a short term answer. I am determined to fight to find the cause. As far as making yourself sick to prove something. Only do what seems right to you. You don't have to prove anything to anybody but yourself. From one fighter to another hang in there. Focus on the improvements. Budew
  12. I am so glad Rice Guy is attending to this thread. I have gotten some good advice from him lately. I do want to say get the info and post it. I was where your friend is. I felt too ill to help myself. I had lots of caring prople but had to really do this alone. For several years I was just to sick to care. Death became a focus. It had to be bettter than the life I was living. For me it was a friend who saw what life was like and made me realize I was worth it. Even now after a year od desperately fighting for help and attention, I feel despair. I have come a long way but to still be fighting the battle is overwhelming. Your friend might find some comfort writing in too. I know that for me I could not even read the computer screen. It was irritating and made me feel ill. I still have days like that. Then I muster the motivation to try again. Your friend is so lucky to have you. Things will get better. Don't give up.
  13. Sorry to hear about your friend. Most of us have had other problems as well. Do you know about what she eats? Tests done? Does she ever get relief? Tell us more. Hang in there! You are a good friend. Budew
  14. Thanks for the sources. I'll check them out. Budew
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