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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that you had a bad reaction! But at the same time, it's kind of comforting to me to hear that someone else has trouble with oil. I've been really worried lately because I can't tolerate ANYTHING with oil in it, so I'm not getting any fatty acids or omega 3s at all. My diet it...
  2. haha thank you so much to EVERYONE who replied to this question! You all are awesome food detectives. LoL. I found out so much just through asking a question about sushi rice. But anyways, I have a second question that maybe one of you could answer...the internet seems to be giving me conflicting...
  3. Gosh, thank you for all of your detective work Marcia! You're so good, and that's so nice of you
  4. I used to consider myself a "sushi snob" too I'm from California too, bay area...and sushi is HUGE here. I think it's a "California" thing. LoL. But anyways...I just stick to the vegetarian rolls (nothing fried of course) because of my intense food allergies. And I knew for sure that they don't...
  5. Well, I went ahead and had the sushi! No reaction....yet. But you guys have really made me think!!! My mom actually cooks rice in chicken stock all the time and I've never thought anything of it....perhaps it has gluten! I'm going to go check RIGHT NOW and report back. haha. thanks everyone for all...
  6. Wow thank you so much you guys! I totally forgot about the vinager that they usually add to sushi rice! Vinager has gluten sometimes...right?
  7. I have so many darn food allergies that I can't just have a normal dinner with my family...BUT ANYWAYS...who wants to hear that? haha...my question is...does sushi rice usually contain gluten? I just wanted to get a cucumber roll at the sushi restaraunt but I wanted to make sure it would be safe...