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  1. I believe I've had a snooping friend and to make a long story short, I need to delete my account and all of its posts...is there a way to do that?
  2. Hey guys I'm also a freshman in college! I'm in the dorms as well, but I HAVE to cook all of my meals because I'm allergic to gluten and sensitive to anything that comes from an animal, has sugar, or has oil in it. So I definitely can't eat in the dining commons. My residence hall has a kitchen in it and I cook there 3 or 4 times a day (since I'm trying to gain weight) and it's a bit of a hastle and quite time consuming, but I'm doin it. I make mostly bean dishes which are a good source of protein without having to deal with the whole "raw meat" aspect. So canned beans make a nice quick lunch and dinner. I mix them with all sorts of grilled, roasted, steamed, veggies and mix them with things like salsa and tomato sauce. If you can tolerate it, you can also mix them with bbq sauce or tamari (wheat free soy sauce). Potatoes are also a big staple for me. If you don't have time to bake it in the oven, stick it in the microwave! Hey Taylor, I actually admire the fact that you chose to live in an apartment! Is it hard to meet people that way as a freshman?
  3. Hi Elisabet and Rachel, Elisabet- Do you have an extremely limited diet as well? I just thought I'd post to let you guys know that you're definitely not alone...I'm VERY restricted when it comes to my diet as well. My diet consists of beans (only 4 different types), some vegetables (not avacado, my diet has to be fat free) and 2 different brown rice products (dry cereal and pancake mix, made with water). I also eat some fruits, like blueberries and apples but I'm pretty sure I react to them. I react everyday...but like you said Rachel...ya gotta survive! So I feel your pain Rachel, sorry that you've got to go through the same thing! I always hate to hear that someone else has to deal with what I have to deal with, but then again it is comforting at the same time. But anywho, I'm not sure if you remember Rachel, but we talked before about bioSET and accupressure for food sensitivities. Are you still doing that? How's that going? We have such similar issues, it's very interesting. All of my problems stemmed from heavy metal toxicity as well (Mercury, Arsenic, Aluminum, etc.) and then manifested through Babesia, gall bladder issues, wacky hormone levels, etc. My body is too weak for chelation as well. Tried it, let's just say that DIDN'T go well. haha. But now I'm undergoing the Methylation process with B12, Glutathione, TMG, DMG, and Sam-e. Right now I'm only on B12 and Glutathione because the TMG and DMG took a lot out of me. Including some metals though, yay! How are things going for you?
  4. Hey everyone, Yup...it's definitely the wisdom teeth! I've got just one wisdom tooth coming in on the bottom right side. Tarnalberry, I do have a sore gum like you mentioned, right where the tooth is poking through. When do people normally get them pulled? Is waiting until they poke through kind of late? I'm going to call my mom later this morning and ask to make me a dentist appointment. It's kind of uncomfortable back there! Haha. So I have to really look into this. Maybe they can pull just that one during Thanksgiving break, if it's okay to wait that long..? Hmm. Well hopefully it will all be okay. Hopefully my body can handle the procedure. I'm kind of worried since my digestive system even reacts to tylenol sometimes, but hey...I guess you have to do what you have to do. Hopefully my body will be strong and recover fast whenever these things come out so I can get back to school. But anyways... I'm all moved in, and other than that, college has been fine! Going downstairs to the community kitchen with all of my shtuff three times a day is a little tough, but hey, us celiacs have to do what we have to do! It's not so bad
  5. You guys are so sweet...thank you so much for taking the time to sit down and write everything that you all did. You have no idea how much I appreciate it. I guess I was unclear earlier about the pain that I'm feeling and where it is, and what's really going on. The teeth haven't broken through yet, and the orthodontist didn't think they would until next summer, but yesterday I woke up with pain just on just side in the back...and there's a little mark on my gum, like a little hole. I'm not sure if this is just a piece of gum that may have been scratched out by a piece of food, or if my first molar is breaking through. So it's really not a toothache, I guess it's more of a gum-ache. Hathor- You are absolutely right...I am stressed. Maybe that's why I've been overly worried about this tooth thing. I think I'm just nervous about moving out and going off to college with all of the other issues that I have. Thank you for suggesting that. My orthodontist wants all of his patients to get them out, because he thinks that if you leave them in they'll come in crooked, make your other teeth crooked, or spark an infection. Good to hear that your family has had success without extractions! Tarnalberry- I'm so insanely busy with moving out (which I have no choice but to do Sunday) that I can't get to a dentist now. Thanks for your advice. I should look into seeing a dentist on campus...though I don't know when on earth I'll get a chance to. You're right though, it should be a priority. Ptkds- Oh gosh, you're scaring me a little...haha... Perhaps this is all just nerves about moving out and going to college, and I'm probably just worried about having such horrible digestive problems and allergies there...I mean, my wisdom teeth ARE a serious issue, but I'm not sure if I should be this worked up about it...I hope it all just turns out to be something different. That'd make this time in my life just a *little* easier.
  6. Thanks for the info you guys. Maybe they are fecaliths....I don't know. I just want the spasms to stop. Constipation has been a big issue for me in the past. Thanks for bringing that up you guys...it's nice to hear people relate to you. Magnesium actually is the only thing that seems to work for me...oxygenated to be more specific. Vitamin C might help me too but I haven't tried an actual supplement for it yet...I just eat oranges and they seem to help sometimes. But anyways, constipation isn't really the problem right now...it's the spasms and insane bloating. Do you think these stones, or "fecaliths" if that's what they are, could be causing that? It's so painful I hope all is well with everyone.
  7. Do you guys know if it still has that gelatin feeling to it? I thought it was kind of peculiar...the way that it jiggled like jello Great taste....I just couldn't get past that though.
  8. Hmmm....I did a little more research, google this time, and came up with the idea of gallbladder stones. Anyone think that could be it?
  9. Thanks everyone... I'm just wondering if there's something out there (in terms of skillets) that's nonstick but not toxic? I can't use any oil or spray on anything so it's kind of tough. Thank you for the responses so far though!
  10. This is so interesting! This may sound like a silly question, but which foods fall under the "nightshades" category? I have horrible digestive issues, even when I am gluten free. Of course they're worse when I'm on gluten, but I still get these terrible spasms and massive amounts of bloating that I can't get rid of. Perhaps this could be the answer..
  11. I'm glad you enjoyed peach and blueberry....stay away from Strawberry though! It's got that gelatin consistancy that you mentioned! Ugh. I'm too scared to try peach or blueberry after that experience. lol.
  12. Thanks Everyone, I really appreciate the input. You're too sweet Julie I'm doing okay. For a few days I didn't have any spasms but today I tried to introduce an omega 6 capsule and had terrible spasms. I also had some pretty bad ones yesterday when I tried a B12 capsule. I checked to make sure that they are both gluten free and they are. I just seem to have a terrible time with fatty acids, even just a capsule full. And how are you? I hope all is well!
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