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    OH BESIDES posting here every day... I have kinda forgotten there were things I used to do ... paranormal photography.. ghost investigations ... GENEOLOGY>... going back to college to finsh up . gee I forgot I had a life... wow...
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    sarasota fla
  1. when I feel like crying because my son has this ... which I do ah well often... I will remember your kind words.. dust my self off and know .. some one cares. nice words go a long way... thanks so much .. your comment will give me strength to not be so devastated by this ( disease)

  2. hey i think it's really cool you try so hard. the CSA (celiac sprue assosiation) makes a new book every year...that you can buy on their website( i googled it) and i bought mine...it's very nice and it comes with alot of things that are totally gluten free...and other helpful things...i have had celiac since i was almost 2 so i love helping people who are new to this as much as possible...