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    OH BESIDES posting here every day... I have kinda forgotten there were things I used to do ... paranormal photography.. ghost investigations ... GENEOLOGY>... going back to college to finsh up . gee I forgot I had a life... wow...
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  1. Help... can anyone tell me if these Streit's chocolate coins are gluten free... My now toddler found one in a friends lunch box.... I am sure its a minimal amount... but... I cant find any contact info for the company.... AM I IN trouble here or is this too going to be okay? Thanks for your time folks.
  2. Hey I need candy help from the experts. Does the cheap flat red , yellow green lollipops that .. in the days of past ... You used to recieved from the doctors office .. have gluten in them.. Help a friend gave my toddler one and I am afraid of him throwing up .. thanks chris
  5. The baking mix was like $4.00 for a pound. I called whole foods twice to double check if I had to add anything to the baking mix.... I had to call whole foods because THERE WAS NO NUMBER TO CALL ON THE BOX> I asked whole foods about this weird weird senerio.... ( every product I have bought has had some sort of number to call for product satisfaction.... this product had a web site. ) SO Whole foods personell do the service calls... but whole foods said this." Whole foods has an agreement not to tell the consumer who makes their generic brand product. Because some companies take turns making a certian product . I told the guy ,I didnt care if Mickey Mouse was in the kitchen as long as the food was safe... I NEVER ASKED WHO MADE THE PRODUCT ......ALL I WANTED TO KNOW WAS HOW MUCH BAKING POWDER OR GUAR GUM OR ZANTHUM GUM TO ADD. He laughed. But It irritated me that companies do this... SO if Gluten free pantry makes this .. Do they themselves make this too. I have seen alot of pancake mixes cakes oh and muffins but not a baking mix that worked liked the 365 one. BUT You do need to add something to the cookies .. they tasted good but the recipie ( the one off of GOOD VALUE chocolate chips ) they needed more vanillia and more sugar. My recipie is like 1 teaspoon for vanillia salt, baking soda , 3/4 sugars / 1 cup of butter, 2 eggs. and 2 1/4 flour . When fresh they taste good but the next day they start to taste differnt.. If that makes any sense. But god why cant the company just put a number on the box.
  6. The stuff is the 365 whole foods brand.. ALL PURPOSE baking mix.... and for chocolate chip cookies you may need to add a tad bit more vanillia I made a recipie with 1 teaspoon of vanillia. .. the cookies were good the first day but my non gluten kids told me that they could use some more taste. BUt for look and feel you cannot beat them ... The box says its a pound..... I do not know who makes this product for whole foods..as I called 2 times to double check ( I have horror storys from Pamelas cookies running down the sheet you would have thought I was making pancakes , not cookies... and they told me that the company that makes this product for whole foods , somehow cant be contacted... becasue they want to stay unidentified? ( sounds like BS but I would like to know who makes this product) BUt it works and non gluten humans cant tell the difference. LOL Its worth the try... But its in the asile that has all the bagged cake mixes cookie mixes and stuff. But they can be sweeter... so I do not know how to adjust the sugars to come out looking good . maybe we can all work on this and come up with some thing but its great .
  7. HEY I WANTED TO rave about a product. I wanted to make choclate chip cookies for my baby for valentines day) I tried 365 whole foods baking mix... and it says to use as you would "REGULAR FLOUR"...... I was scared due to knowing you have to use guar gum or xanthum gum ... USUALLY YOU Have to add this your self. They allready had the guar gum inside the flour mix.... ( after reading the box 100 times.. I have spent so much money on products like pamelas that do not work.. Bobs red mill tastes gross to me so this was an endevor.. I am tired of being burned lol by products that dont turn out.. and the stuff we have to buy isnt cheap... So it can be used like regular flour. The choclate chip cookies I MADE looked like NORMAL FLUFFY cookies. No spreading like pamelas . And I used the regular recipie like I was making normal cookies .. baking soda, brown sugar , white sugar.. eggs butter.. vanillia .. and the 365 flour mix... so everyone try this, instead of the pamelas ... I think that you will be happy with the outcome... You treat it like normal flour. ( of course your ingredients are gluten-free) but its like normal I am so happy ... Now if I can get the baby to eat the chocolate chips .. and not spit them out.... lol But this is a great find for everyone... I literally did what the box said and got great results..... COOKIE MAKERS THIS WORKS. thanks chris
  8. OKAY I DID WHAT YOU SAID AND you were RIGHT! I added nothing but baking soda. and I have normal good looking cookies. I am impressed.... I will not buy pamelas mix for cookies ever again. Using the 365 baking mix really worked. I am really happy.
  9. well what they are saying is that you treat this like flour.. so if you add xanthum gum to regular flour.... you wouldnt... so I am going to treat it like flour... it says on the box to go ahead but .. I am tired of wasting money on products.
  10. HELP ME >>> I AM MAKING COOKIES. I NEED to know what the heck I have to add to the 365 glutne free all purpose baking mix whole foods brand . HELP ME I AM IN NEED .. do I add baking soda and treat this like regular flour... or do I have to get out the xanthum gum.. the box says no .. but I am tired of the palmelas cookie disaster... I realize I am not alone. But I am tired of wasting money on food that is crappy. HELP ME
  11. minunte ready ... minute ready brown rice is safe and sells for a dollar and change. Its small portitions for babies and single folk ... Its a single portion... walmart sells it in the grocery . good and works.
  12. Okay pamelas did this . what hers did was melt all over the pan. so I had a really think almost hard crunchy .. hard crisp ... hard flat. You can go either choc chip or sugar. it makes better sugar than choc chips.
  13. I know this s a dead horse, I have a flour problem.. (besides bobs mill which has this weird after taste,) what is something easy to get from whole foods? I dont ( I am scared to get a bulk mix because their pastry flour is on top of the rice flour... which is gross and contaimation. so whats the concensus on the flour that works the best... I want a general flour that I can use.. I can add what ever but something that works for gravy to cookies... what is everyone using . ( I have been also using pamelas all purpose.. but wanted to use my kinnick flour.. i need help I am trying to call the company but they are not in yet. so who has the best flour .. and what do you have to do to it to make it work help. chris
  14. thisis what I have done.... called the company.. I am on my mean soap box here sorry. I have called companies to ask.. one conagra rep read to me... off a standard script.. that the company will not send me a list of the safe foods. AND THAT if its got wheat in it IT WILL BE LISTED.. I got mad and asked her to look up my questionable ingredient.. she told me no I hung up. So SOme comapnies can give you help in understnading the ingredients in there products .. most do not care. Most companies say they change the recipies and dont want to be held responsible to any one for changing the recipie.. so get into the habit of looking at each label. But your best bet is to make it your self or go to whole foods and look at the 365 brand. We got some broth and it was fine. no one vomited on thanks givingl we were thankful . It seems to me that things in the ingredient buisness is changing. the listings are becoming easier to read.. the hydrolozed products are now saying where they are getting the ( wheat from ( soy corn) so its been listed. good luck chris
  15. rachel ray has one... I am not sure its gluten-free .. I think that its worth looking up ..
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