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    OH BESIDES posting here every day... I have kinda forgotten there were things I used to do ... paranormal photography.. ghost investigations ... GENEOLOGY>... going back to college to finsh up . gee I forgot I had a life... wow...
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    sarasota fla
  1. Okay so what is the final out come of the recipie.... Mixer .. or breadmachine... Reduce water .. or keep it the same? Also .. .What was the best flour combo.... ( excluding bobs beans uck ... bleck) .. Just trying to jump in and expirment and give my kid bread that isnt going to kill him... ..let...
  2. when I feel like crying because my son has this ... which I do ah well often... I will remember your kind words.. dust my self off and know .. some one cares. nice words go a long way... thanks so much .. your comment will give me strength to not be so devastated by this ( disease)

  3. hey i think it's really cool you try so hard. the CSA (celiac sprue assosiation) makes a new book every year...that you can buy on their website( i googled it) and i bought mine...it's very nice and it comes with alot of things that are totally gluten free...and other helpful things...i have had celiac since i was almost 2 so i love helping people who are new to this as much as possible...