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  1. In 2006, you posted a recipe for homemade worcestershire sauce. Flash forward to today...I am looking for a gluten free worcestershire sauce. This recipe is perfect! Thank you!!

  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Double check the Teriyaki Sauce. There is nothing on the label to indicate gluten, but when I called a few months ago I was told it was NOT gluten-free. They do have a website with recipes, etc. but I can't remember off hand if they have a gluten free list/ingredient list on the site.
  4. I agree. I'll buy stuff that's made in a facility with wheat products, but if it says "may contain" I stay away.
  5. Hi Karen, Check your grocery in the cheese section near the Kraft grated Parmesan in the green shaker. In or around that area should be a similar Kraft product called grated Cracker Barrel cheese. It's in an orangey-yellow shaker. My kids say it tastes pretty much the same. http://www.kraftcanada...
  6. Maybe that's his hemoglobin level? I confess I don't know the difference between ferritin and hemoglobin, but they're both iron of some kind. When Ty was first tested they said the level should be between 10 - 110 for a boy of 5, and his was 3. I only know they tested for iron, and...
  7. What brand? Edited to say...I see the title says Nestle. I will just say that I'm only learning how to read, and subsequently pay attention to what I've read.
  8. Aha! Thanks, I always call in regards to "natural flavours" but I wasn't sure if that's what Richard meant. We don't have the same FALCPA (?) laws as you do up in here in the Great Sunny North. (It's not white right now) I thought the whole point of the new labelling law was for the "may contain...
  9. Richard, what do you mean? Do you mean on the bold May contain line? Doesn't it HAVE to be in the ingredient list, just not in the "may contain"?
  10. What is this Tamari soy sauce I hear about being gluten-free? Several times I've seen soy sauce with the word Tamari on it, and it has wheat within the first 3 items on the ingredient list. Is Tamari a brand name? I use VH soy sauce.
  11. Hi Carrie, I am still waiting for the Lea & Perrins people to email me back. They must be very busy, I emailed them in October . Meanwhile, I have never found a gluten-free worcestershire sauce, the first ingredient on them all is Malt Vinegar EXCEPT Heinz. I was so excited and then...
  12. Stephanie1, The gluten-free list from Campbell's is very different if you are in Canada. Mine has less on it that the list provided in an earlier post. If you are getting the list for Canadian products, phone them and they'll pop the list in the mail right away. If you go to the website, you'll...