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  1. Dr. Brent Scott and Dr. J. Decker Butzner are both great doctors at Alberta Children's Hospital. I suspect you need a...
  2. I found some Honey Nut Chex at Walmart yesterday. $4.97 for a 390g box. There were only a few boxes, so I grabbed two...
  3. The only gluten-free hot dog I've found in Canada that's readily available at all grocery stores is Top Dog Angus Beef...
  4. I'm sure he's not picky, he's just "selective".
  5. Today's Parent has a cool lunchbox tool. It has a ton of ideas for lunches/cold snacks. http://www.todaysparent.com...
  6. Ingredients look okay according to the Nestle website. Nestle website
  7. Thanks for the info. He's not required to take the class; it's separate from Health. They have a number of options...
  8. My son who has celiac is going to be attending junior high in the fall. When we went to the open house for the schools...
  9. I want to remind newly diagnosed Canadians to check labels carefully. At my local grocery the only gluten-free hot dogs...
  10. My son usually says he has celiac. Once, though, an adult he didn't know very well asked him (snidely) if he was too...
  11. Any possibility of turning it into a rice table, rather than oatmeal?
  12. I'm not sure where you're from, but in Canada, Cadbury makes Cadbury Mini Eggs, and Hershey doesn't. Hershey is a completely...
  13. In 2006, you posted a recipe for homemade worcestershire sauce. Flash forward to today...I am looking for a gluten free worcestershire sauce. This recipe is perfect! Thank you!!

  14. Grits are white and coarsely ground, cornmeal is yellow and a bit finer, but not as fine as corn flour. You should be...
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