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  1. I just wanted to leave an update. I did go to the doctor today. I was monitored for 5 hours and had a ton of tests run. Everything with the baby is fine. I was having mild...
  2. Hello. I'm 6 months pregnant and I accidentally ate a stupid flour taco. Actually I only ate half of it before realizing what I was doing. Baby Brain strikes again. But now...
  3. I have gone through my 5th or 6th stage of denial. There are times that I still think... "it won't hurt me..." I've been gluten-free for 6 years now, with only an occasional accidental...
  4. Yes, these are wonderful! My local grocery store has carried them for a while and I hadn't tried them until recently. I don't know what I was waiting on??
  5. Cinderella AND gluten-free bread! What could be better? It's nice to hear a happy story. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Sometimes the humidity outside can even effect rising. If it's raining or really sticky hot outside I don't even bother baking. As for your beater type, more air in the batter...
  7. Try some crystalized Ginger. Just a tiny bite. It's a natural way to help nausea. I use it for motion sickness even and it's safe for pregnant women. Also, peppermint. Either...
  8. With this cold weather I'm having, now I'm craving soup! Thanks guys for this suggestion. I'm off to the store to try one of these out.
  9. That's easy... Cheese-stuffed Crust Pizza Hut Pizza. Darn you for making me drool about this. Now I have to go make my own pizza for dinner.
  10. Bleu cheese is sometimes made with bread molds... but not all of them. The trouble is finding out exactly how that particular bleu cheese is made. Unless you can get ahold of...
  11. I think IBS is over-diagnosed. Doctors usually look for the quick fix that makes their patients have to take a pill or come back to their office over and over again. Treating Celiac...
  12. I'm not pregnant now but want to start trying in a few months. I wonder if prenatal vitamins have enough Vitamin D in them or if I need to supplement? I've put off having kids...
  13. This article was apparently screaming my name this morning. The past 2 nights I haven't been able to sleep. I was accidentally glutened this past weekend and still suffering....
  14. OH my goodness. That's horrible. I would have yelled back at him too. People should know better. I hope you go back next time, not being glutened, and knock 'em dead.
  15. Yay! Congratulations! It's not easy, but I'm sure you feel soo much healthier. Good luck to making it to year 2 and 3 and 4 and.....
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