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  1. I have gastritis and when it flares up my stomach will burn for a week or two. I find drinking coconut water can help soothe it! Plus being extra careful about spices and acidic foods.
  2. It very well could be a gluten reaction. Since you handle whole wheat tortillas fine then it could be blood sugar related or related to the dairy or nightshades in the pizza. Since you are 100% done with testing I would try a strict gluten free diet for a few weeks and then add it back to see if...
  3. Most mornings I eat 2% Greek yogurt with slightly thawed frozen raspberries and a small handful of nuts. On weekends I like to make egg sandwiches. Just fried egg with white cheddar and jelly on Udi's toast. Sometimes I make pancakes. Another favorite is Mighty Tasty Hot Cereal cooked with blueberries...
  4. I drink bottled water or filtered tap water all the time. Our tap water has a weird smell and I just cannot drink it unfiltered. I've never found a brand of plain water with gluten. Honestly I'm not sure any of the flavored ones I've seen have gluten either.
  5. I go to Starbucks once a week and I've never had any issues. I was drinking coffee daily and kept having reactions...stomach issues, rashes, metallic taste in my mouth, weird numbness in my gums...I was sure it was gluten and changed brands over and over and it kept happening. Went to allergy...
  6. Thank God both Chickfilas in my town have dedicated fryers. Even the tiny one in the mall does! I eat there at least once a week. I'm not sure I could survive without it! lol!
  7. I have gotten this pain off and on ever since my gallbladder was removed. According to my GI it's bile reflux going into my stomach. It has caused me to develop gastritis. I call it the bone crushing rib pain. It usually lasts about 30 minutes and then I feel bruised and sore for a day or two...
  8. I had one and was sick for over a week. I now call them McCrappes. It really seemed like a gluten reaction. I'm sure it could've been something else but I won't chance it again!
  9. The sickest I've gotten was from a McDonald's Mocha frappe. I don't know for sure it was gluten. It could've been too much dairy I guess. All I know was I was sick for almost a week and I'll never drink one again.