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  1. That's not that hard of a fix. You can make a buttermilk substitute by adding lemon juice or white vinegar to milk....
  2. If all you're looking for is a baking book, "Gluten Free Baking Classics" by Annalise Roberts is a great place to start...
  3. Juliet

    I Just Snapped!

    There has been som more recent research talking about the adolescent brain (and from my experience with my 3 younger...
  4. Juliet

    Ok, So Now What?

    FYI - masa harina is not the same thing as corn flour. Masa harina is actually "corn dough flour", the corn is turned...
  5. Juliet

    Endoscopy And Anxiety

    Our son was 2 years 2 months old when he had his endoscopy. And it was far harder on us than him. They let us be with...
  6. Distilled vinegar is fine, as are distilled alcohols. It's malt vinegar that's a problem. So, you're good to go!
  7. Juliet

    We Got Glutened At Playgroup- Again....

    First - You're not a horrible mother!!!! You know, you have to go with what your comfortable doing. My son was diagnosed...
  8. Juliet

    Night Sweats

    My son gets them really bad if he gets gluten. He soaks the sheets thoroughly, as if a bucket of water were splashed...
  9. Juliet

    Behaviour Suggestions

    My 6 year old son does the same thing and it lasts for about 5-7 days. It is no fun. I try to help him pinpoint where...
  10. Juliet

    Pizza Parties At School

    We're dealing with this issue now in first grade. We didn't have it last year because our kindergarten teacher didn...
  11. Juliet

    Pumpkin Muffins

    I found this recipe somewhere on the internet, and I just love it! They always taste great. I normally use Pamela's...
  12. Juliet

    Bread That Bites Back

    One trick that bakers use is also having steam in the oven. About 10 minutes before placing the bread in the oven, put...
  13. Juliet

    Reason For Gluten Free School Supplies

    My son just completed kindergarten, and he never eats stuff he's not supposed to. That being said, he got gluten for...
  14. Juliet

    Updating My Candy List Before Halloween Gets Here

    Also the Hershey's Miniatures chocolate bars (plain, with almond, special dark) are not safe.
  15. Juliet

    My Brother Makes Fun Of Me By...!

    I'm the oldest of several, and it is a fact of life that particularly during the teen years (and sometimes for the rest...