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  1. I use sorghum too. I do find it takes longer to rise. I have to make sure I use the Rapid Rise yeast, too. Hope you get your kinks worked out...it really is great bread.
  2. Oh yeah....it was GREAT!!!! I LOVED IT!!! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for letting me taste bread again! WOW. I was skeptical....I always am. I LOVED it. My kids were begging to try it. THEY LOVED IT. OH It was wonderful!!!! I used Sorghum, brown rice & white rice for the flours...
  3. Okay, I have ALL the ingredients. When I'm finished my free sample of Kinnickkinick Whole Grain bread, I'm going to make this! Would I be able to split it into 2 1 lb loaves - or does it only make 1 1 lb loaf? Thanks
  4. Okay. I'm going to trust you guys. Once I get thru my gluten free pantry bread mixes, I'll give it a try. THANKS. I'm really missing bread. And the two times I've had gluten free bread it's been just awful. Icky icky awful. Will my tastebuds change and actually start to LIKE it???...
  5. Is it really that good???? I'm missing bread and want to make some (I'm going to bake my gluten-free pantry mix first. BUT....) is it really good? REALLY????
  6. they made me sick yesterday BWAAAAAAH BWAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Oh well. I'll figure SOMETHING out...gotta have my fries!!!!