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  1. Yes, why the hostility?! That is not what I was asking for. Gentleheart has been very kind in her exchanges and, to me, has been giving thoughtful information that has been helpful to me. I do not feel that she is forcing any product on us, at all. I bumped this thread because I wanted...
  2. I had to laugh at the last statement!! That's so true!! It's hard to tell the tone of posts when you read them. I hope that those of questioning Gentleheart's position with Mannatech are being nice. She is simply providing us information that I ASKED for. For those of you that are questioning...
  3. I am so glad to see the activity on this thread now Gentleheart, thank you for continuing to be informative! I, personally, am very interested in all that I am reading and learning about glyconutrients. I also value everyone else's experiences and that's why I asked.
  4. I see that there have been a few people viewing, but no comments yet. Here is a link, if the board gods will let me, of some more information. http://www.glyconutrientsreference.com/wha...tonutrients.php
  5. My mom is in town visiting us and has been looking into the Mannatech products. She's brought some CDs and reading materials for me to look into. I was just wondering if anyone else has looked into these glyco-nutrients? Are they gluten-free?
  6. ((HUGS)) I will echo what the others have said. When dd first went gluten-free, I spent about $100/mo just on things for her at the local health food store. She has a lot of other food allergies, so out of necessity I had to find recipes to make things from scratch. Now, I make a ton of things...
  7. I used to use Lawrys Season Salt on EVERYTHING.. It made my daughter sick. I now use Mrs. Dash (love that stuff), McCormicks Garlic Powder, Salt and Pepper. I also have tried Gluten Free Pantrys Taco Seasoning and it was fine.
  8. Oh crap! I am trying a new recipe right now in the crockpot... I totally forgot that beer would be out!! Not something I think about cuz she's 7 years old, lol Guess the kids will be having something different from me tonight for dinner
  9. Hey ~ I found an eggless, soy-free mayo recipe at http://www.angelfire.com/mi/FAST/veggies.html There's lots of yummy sounding recipes - scroll down till you find it!
  10. Thanks for looking Vincent.. they look great except they have non fat milk in them.. I'm about to order from www.kirkmanlabs.com soon. I was gonna order their multi-vitamins too, but will do the gummi vites now!
  11. I'm so psyched!! I found these vitamins at Sams Club! A big bottle for a reasonable price!! I can't wait to give them to her tommorrow. We don't do anything new during the week in case of problems. Anyone have a calcium recommendation - something NOT cultured on dairy?
  12. Oh WOW!! Where's the happy dance emoticon?!?! I'm gonna go find them!! THANK YOU!!
  13. I'm on a multi vitamin quest for my daughter too. So they are gluten and egg free. Are they also dairy free? The site did not list the ingredients.
  14. My dd is also allergic to rice ~ on the RAST test, it was actually a tad higher than wheat. It's nice to find some others that are avoiding it as well.... it's so hard since rice seems to be in almost everything that is a WF/gluten-free alternative. I'm going to read the link in Ursula's...