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  1. Hi folks - I saw an ad for Sinfully Gluten Free this week (they run ads on this site as well) and I ordered a lemon bar, a cherry chocolate brownie, a piece of carrot cake and peanut butter cup cookies. I just tried a little of all but the cookies - FANTASTIC! Really, really good. I think that anyone would enjoy these products and go back for more. They are moist and flavorful and the texture is just like our gluten filled favorites. Unfortunately I just found out that I have to go on an anti-candida diet, so I had to get in the test before I officially start that diet. When I'm able, I will definitely order from this company again. Check em out.... The shipping was very reasonable. I just ordered Priority Mail shipping and it came in two days and everything was in good order.
  2. I got my results from the doctor on all the other tests I had done. They seem to add some insight: Allergies (food only): cheese, egg white, egg yolk, garlic, milk, wheat, food molds (really high) All news to me, though I had my suspicions. I've had skin prick allergy testing done, but this was MAST testing and they did the delayed IgG testing, which was more telling. Vitamin D deficient and low DHEA Absolutely no detectable Lactobacillus bacteria in my gut - not good An overgrowth of miscellaneous bacteria
  3. Oh geez - here's a high-level look in to things I might eat: Envirokidz Amazon Flakes Health Valley Rice Crunch Ems Bananas (at least one every day) Stoneyfield Farm Organic Fat Free Yogurt Chicken Beef Gluten Free Pasta (Glutano Tagliatelle, Biaglut spaghetti, Trader Joe's Brown Rice Pasta) Potato (mashed/baked) Green Beans (Del Monte) Peas (La Seuer) Carrots (store brand or fresh) Almond Milk Vitamin Water Water Green Tea (Good Earth) Tazo Tea (Passion) Hard Boiled Eggs Gluten Free Bread (Whole Foods) Gluten Free English Muffin Ben & Jerry's Phish Food Nestle Sno Caps Rice Chips (Lundberg) Shredded Cheese - brand varies, but I only buy bags that have allergen statements and identify ingredients
  4. I am 32 years old and I was officially diagnosed with Celiac Disease in January '07 through blood tests and biopsy. I have done really well following the gluten-free diet - I check all my labels, I've changed my hair products and cosmetics, I call pharmaceutical companies to check my meds, etc. I have had ongoing health issues that have had me in and out of the doctor's office this last year though. In addition, I lost about 25 pounds starting about 9 months in to the gluten free diet - they have not been able to determine why. My gut is in a far worse state now than it was over a year ago. It's tender to the touch, constantly bloated and never at rest (gurgly). I do not, however, have any diarrhea. (which is different from pre-Celiac diagnosis). I'm working with a new holistic doctor who has run a whole host of new/different labs, including a speciment test through Genova Diagnostics that checks for yeast/bacteria/overall gut 'environment'. I'm seeing her today for those results, which I am anxious to get. I also just had my first colonoscopy and a follow-up endoscopy done because of the ongoing issues. The colonoscopy was clean. My pathology report on the biopsies came back stating: celiac disease 3 antibody demonstrates a focal increase in intraepithelial T lymphocytes supporting a diagnosis of celiac disease. Serologic correlation is warranted. Appearances suggest early disease or possible incomplete response to a gluten free diet. The note from my doctor recommends seeing a nutritionist to review my diet as he feels that I'm still ingesting gluten. I have a very, very difficult time seeing how that is possible with all of the care that I take on this diet. Not to mention the fact that I have no diarrhea - which has been the indicator for me when there was contamination (the time between blood tests and biopsy when they made me eat gluten and once contaminated by a medication). Here's my question: Could the appearance of the biopsies suggest late healing, rather than early disease? Can they differentiate between something that is trying to heal vs something that is just recently damaged?? If they can make that differentitation, then I will have to accept that I am somehow ingesting gluten. But, I just don't want to over-react and cut things out of my diet again if it is not necessary. I know that adults don't heal as quickly as children and I would assume that my healing process would probably be a bit slower given the fact that I've been dealing with other medical issues too. So, I wouldn't find it hard to believe that my intestine is not totally healed. What the report doesn't state is whether or not the damage they saw was new damage or old damage or if they can even tell. I hope that I've made some sort of sense here as I've been rambling. I'm trying to write this quickly since I am at work. Any insight you might have would be much appreciated. thank you, Kelli
  5. I'm just curious - I went out to the Nature Valley website and could not find these granola bars? The only nut granola bars that they have contain oats and none have such a simplified ingredient list. Are they specially made for Sam's Club? Follow-up -- I found them elsewhere and they seem to be just nuts held together by a sugary syrup. They should be tasty - I've tried gluten-free variations like this from other manufacturers. I'm not sure why Nature Valley doesn't have them on their website. Hmmmm....
  6. Jessica, you are right. I really was just venting. I had a terrible day and I'm aggravated with myself, and in general, that my nasal spray made me sick. Everything I eat seems to be aggravating my symptoms even more. The long and short of it is I just want to feel better. I don't understand people who cheat, it's just not worth all of this. I've been recovering for a full week now and it still isn't out of my system. It's just bothering me even more than usual that we have such obstacles in front of us with regard to everything and anything we put on or in our body. I have faith that one of these days everything will be labled so people with Celiac will not have to jump through hoops to function. In the meantime, thanks for allowing me to vent
  7. I've been making phone calls to the different pharmaceutical companies since I got sick from my nasal spray. I'm getting frustrated with the difficulty involved in determining if a medication is safe. It really is absolutely absurd that we have to do this. If you call the pharmacy, or mine at least, you are told that unless it's marked gluten-free they can't help you out. Give me a break. There has got to be a better way. I can't go by the lists out there, because they listed my nasal spray (Nasonex) as safe and it was not. So, I'd like to know what your thoughts are about Allegra, Allegra-D and generic fexofenadine 180? I called Sanofi-Aventis and they said that they cannot certify that it is gluten free due to cross contamination issues. They said that the starch that they use is corn and that it is subject to change. However, the man I spoke with said that he has not known it to change. I use one of the variations of this product every day. So far, I really haven't noticed any problems though. I'm just paranoid right now. I've been sick for well over a week, so I'm starting to get concerned that something else is causing the problem. It's probably more likely that my system is having a tough time recovering. I used the nasal spray for ten days before I determined that it was the culprit. But, enough is enough. My stomach is so sick and I look like I'm four months pregnant. I hate this. I'm feeling for frustrated, angry, sad, tired, etc, etc, etc. I tried to find out about Trazadone and Watson Pharma told me that they cannot certify it as gluten-free. Then the guy said there were no starches listed in the ingredient list. I have a whole medicine cabinet full of things. I had a really tough time trying to even get in contact with the pharmaceutical company for Hyoscyamine, which a lot of us use. The company listed on my bottle is Amide, but they've been acquired by another company. It took me about 45 minutes to even figure that out. Then I got dumped in to a voicemail. ARGH!!! Who knows. If any of you know anything about any of these drugs, please let me know. Thank you for letting me vent. Kelli
  8. Moondanse

    Lake Winnipesaukee, Nh

    Rafferty's Restaurant & Pub: Just wanted to let anyone who is interested know that I ate at Rafferty's in North Conway when I was in New Hampshire. They have a fantastic menu. Their daughter was diagnosed with Celiac right about the time they were opening their restaurant. Since then they have been committed to provided a 'safe' place for people with restrictions to eat. They have gluten free bread, pasta, pizza, fried foods (dedicated fryer), you name it. I e-mailed them when I got home to thank them and to ask them about their bread. They were wonderful in their response. If you can check them out, you should. I wish there were more places like this in my area. Thank you Rafferty family!
  9. There aren't two kinds at the store, just the one. I just checked my bag though and it say's right on the front without milk or eggs (it's in Italian) and I checked the ingredients and there are none. So, yes, I use the milk free, egg free (gluten free) Biaglut. I definitey recommend it if you can get it.
  10. Moondanse

    Follow-up Blood Work

    When I was first diagnosed, my doctor left me a voicemail regarding the diet that said "You are a smart woman, I'm certain you will figure it out". That was it. I got a letter in the mail with a business card for a local nutritionist (who also stunk). When I asked about testing for vitamin deficiency I was told it wasn't necessary and to take calcium. So, I never went in for my 3 month follow-up because he didn't impress me. It's been six months now and I decided I'd give him the benefit of the doubt and go one more time. Though my visit with him was a waste of time and a co-pay, he did agree to do all the blood tests that I requested. I was happy about that. He also said he was going to run a Prometheus Celiac Plus panel. When I looked it up it said that it tests for genetic factors as well as the usual serological tests. I'm anxious to get the results back. Is anyone familiar with this panel? I don't know why he's doing this test now and why he didn't do this test initially, but I'm happy he decided to do it today.
  11. Thanks for all the feedback folks -- I'm still split down the middle. I'll have to think on it a little longer. I can't help but think that it would be beneficial to have a list on the PDA when in a jam. Like today, I was traveling and the chef at a restaurant wanted to know if I had an issue with Lawry's seasoning -- I don't use Lawry's, so I didn't know. If I could pull out a PDA and check, it would be great. We'll see. Thanks again!
  12. Moondanse

    Nasal Spray

    Grey, Thanks for the update. I'm glad that I posted on here about it. It's very frustrating, I agree. I'm still dealing with the effects of using it for only about 10 days. I had a wedding over the weekend and I looked like I was three months pregnant from the bloating. Lovely! I have my first follow-up appointment on Tuesday to have blood tests done again and I'm certain this will mess up all the work I've done over the past six months. Oh well. I'm just relieved that I figured out the problem and quickly enough. I hope that you do okay off of nasal spray. If not, Nasacort AQ is okay for us to use. Astelin is also, but it's non-steroidal. I believe it's an antihistamine nasal spray. I actually notice results with the Astelin almost immediately. Good luck!!
  13. I bought Tinkyada when I was first diagnosed and was pretty pleased. Then I met someone through a support group meeting that highly recommended Biaglut pasta. She comes from a huge Italian family where pasta is a staple. She swore by the Biaglut brand. It's almost $8 a bag, but it's well worth it. I usually mix the Biaglut and the Tinkyada together. If I'm cooking for someone else too, then I use strictly Biaglut. You really cannot tell the difference, it tastes like regular (gluten) pasta.
  14. Moondanse

    Nasal Spray

    Grey- The woman that I spoke to said that they could not classify it as gluten-free as the formula changes frequently and gluten is one of the ingredients in some of the formulations. I'd be interested to learn what they tell you when you call. Please post when you do (if you don't mind). Either way, I am not using it anymore. I've been terribly uncomfortable since I started using it and didn't even connect the dots. I knew I hadn't eaten anything to cause it, so I'm left with the Nasonex and her response to my question today. For me, it is all the confirmation that I need. ~Kelli
  15. Ok, I've been trucking along doing the gluten-free thing for six months now. Doing pretty well if I do say so. Hit my first issue of being careless and I'm so aggravated. I have severe allergies and have to use a nasal spray every day. A friend gets me samples from the doctor's office where she works. I always use Nasacort AQ and she grabbed Nasonex accidentally. No big deal, I've used it before. WRONG! The past week I've been sick -- not horribly so, but severely bloated and uncomfortable. I read something on the posts that made me question the Nasonex (which I should have done in the first place). I started searching and found it was safe on two lists, but something was bothering me. So, I called Schering -- sure enough it is not gluten-free. I also called MedPointe regarding Astelin nasal spray and they confirmed it is gluten-free. And I called Sanofi Aventis and confirmed that Nasacort AQ is gluten-free. Those are the two that I normally use. I should have known better. Anyways, the point was not to call myself out but to share with all of you that Nasonex is not gluten-free and that the other two are safe. Thanks, Kelli