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  1. My teenage daughter was accidentally glutened over the weekend (barbeque sauce) and is suffereing the effects today. Can anyone recommend something to relieve the stomach pain and cramping? Pepto Bismal, Ginger Ale...anything? The pharmacist recommended pepto or kaopectate, but it doesn't really seem to help. Thanks!
  2. Hello - wondering if anyone out there has used, or has any information, on the new Dapsone topical ointment. My dermatologist told me that it's relatively new and has been approved as a treatment for acne, but I'm wondering if it has any affect on the DH lesions - even if it's just to take away some of the itching and spreading. Thanks!
  3. Very interesting about the gelcaps. My daughter had been taking Aleve gelcaps for the migraines and new DH breakouts kept erupting. They seem to be clearing up now that she's off of the Aleve. We'll switch to Tylenol for the migraines - although it doesn't seem to help as much with the headache pain, but it's better than having both the headache and the intense itching of the DH.
  4. Thanks for the info! One more ingredient to be on the look out for.
  5. Can anyone shed some light on the connection between NSAIDs and DH? My teenage daughter has DH and she also suffers from chronic migraine headaches. She had been taking Aleve, and her DH is flaring back up again. The dapsone doesn't seem to be helping control these new flareups. Thanks!
  6. Jersey Girl, My family has switched insurance carriers a couple of times since my daughter was diagnosed with DH and so far, we haven't run into any problems. Insurance, however, has come from either my husband's work or mine, and no one has asked for any pre-condition proof, it that's what you're concerned about. Are you looking for independent health insurance and, if so, are they asking about pre-conditions? DH is challenging for sure, but it can be controlled and isn't life threatening, so I wouldn't think insurance should be too much of a problem. Some insurance carriers, and health care flex spending accounts, will even cover the cost of gluten free foods, providing you have proof of a health related neccesity.
  7. Thanks for your response. I appreciate you sending that along!
  8. Interesting about the wine - I never would have thought about the barrel. Is there a list of vineyards that use the flour paste? As far as vodka goes - Chopin is distilled from potatoes. It's a bit pricey for mixing with tonic or juices, but it makes a tasty martini.
  9. Try cocoa butter too. It seems to help with the scarring. My daughter has DH and carmex and neosporin sometimes help - carmex when the rash first appears; neosporin if you scratch so hard that you break the skin - it seems to help keep any additional bacteria out of the open wound.
  10. I use a pizza stone and the crusts turn out great - not soggy at all. I usually set the temperature around 375 and cook the pizza for around 20 -25 minutes (my oven is temperamental) - don't forget to preheat. They're as good, or better, than a regular frozen pizza. We tried Amy's frozen pizzas, and they're good, but I always ended up adding additional toppings - they were a little lean in the cheese area. Luckily, we don't have dairy issues in our family - just gluten.
  11. Wouldn't it be really cool if the Food Network would launch a new show on gluten free cooking? I see the advert online here on the forum for the 'Lovin from the Oven - gluten free cooking show' - is that only visible via the web?
  12. The recent issue of Living Without magazine contains an article about gluten free dining at Disneyland and Disney World.
  13. Does anyone know the ingredients in the Passion Fruit Green Tea smoothy from Caribou Coffee? I've looked on their website for nutritional information and it just lists the common stuff - calories, sugar, sodium, etc. The actual ingredients are not found. My daughter loves these and I want to make sure that they're safe for her to drink. The people actually serving the beverages don't have a clue.
  14. It's a good book - lots of tips. Another one that I would recommend is the Gluten Free Bible.
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