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  1. There are no dedicated Gluten Free bakeries in DFW that I am aware of since Laura's closed. On something as important...
  2. zkat

    Two Months Trying And Still No Baby...

    I second the Justmommies.com forums - the nicest group of ladies on any TTC forum. I also agree that patience is key...
  3. I am so sorry your original post/question got derailed. I will be happy to provide you with some of my bar coping strategies...
  4. zkat

    Fireside Pies - Plano, Tx

    The wait is long and they don't take reservations. We took our pager next door to Fox Sports Grill to watch the Mavs...
  5. If you are willing to travel to Dallas the Dr. listed below are endorsed by DFW Celiac. I have not used any of the dr...
  6. zkat

    Fireside Pies - Plano, Tx

    I wanted to add my two cents. I found out they had gluten free pizza earlier this month and just made it out last night...
  7. If you want hard answers, then you will need to go through either an elimination diet or testing. For years I tracked...
  8. zkat

    A Bit Stressed Today

    Jason, I changed jobs about 2 years ago and I am expected to go to lunches and dinners with clients, co-workers and...
  9. zkat

    Suggestions On Handling Family Holidays?

    I handle it different at each house. My MIL is very considerate and saves every wrapper/container and always includes...
  10. zkat

    I'm So Tired!

    Hopefully you are on the tail end of it. I glutened myself on Christmas day (Yea - it was a dumb mistake too) and I...
  11. zkat

    Severe Knee Pain

    I am a fellow soccer player with Celiac! I have been gluten free for over 2 years, but when I do get glutened - all...
  12. Elizabeth - Did the Kix say Gluten Free on the Box? I looked at a box in Central Market (H-E- and noticed it no longer...
  13. zkat

    Dallas Or Plano Texas Great Restaurant

    It was Delicious n Fit when it was on Parker road. Laura just moved locations next to the Pancake house on 75 the name...
  14. I know this is probably too late for your trip, but I travel to Tampa a lot. I eat at Capital Grill in the International...
  15. zkat

    Best Foods For Long Rides/runs?

    Gatorade is Gluten Free, I drink it a lot. Dextrose is another name for sugar. It is very high on the GI index, so...