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  1. Yes!! I have a great recipe. (It also on www.recipezaar.com Recipe #205618.) My kids and husband (all gluten eaters) love these. They are fluffy, moist and don't taste gluten free. Takes 2 minutes to mix them up. Coconut flour is high fiber, and expensive, but you use very little. Play with it...
  2. I am glad that both of you will find this useful...I buy a chicken a week, it's nice to have something already done. I had heard that Walmart has a bunch of gluten free products, but I haven't looked there yet...
  3. I am new to all this, I have been gluten free for 5 months, but just got diagnosed 2 days ago through Enterolab. As a Mom, I love to have something easy, so I thought I would share this, that the rotisserie chicken at Sam's Club is gluten free, says so on the package and reading the label verifies...