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  1. Here's another link to try: http://www.celiac.ca/pdfs/celiac%20disease...%20teachers.pdf
  2. I know there are mixed messages out there, but my doctor told me that throughout pregnancy, I needed to maintain a 100% gluten-free diet, especially during the first trimester. It was much easier for me, though, since I had already been diagnosed and I know how sick I would be if I cheated even a little (I am craving gluteny foods like crazy!) I would definitely check into it further if I were you and remember that you're going to have to do a lot of self-advocacy.
  3. why not? both my family dr. and my ob/gyn recommeded it...it's not a live virus that's injected.... Myth: You are pregnant and should not get the influenza vaccine. Fact: An influenza vaccine is safe during pregnancy. In fact, pregnant women who will be in their 3rd trimester during the influenza season, and pregnant women with high risk conditions, such as heart or lung disease, diabetes or weakened immune systems, are recommended to get the influenza vaccine to protect themselves. Influenza vaccine is provided free to pregnant women who will be in their 3rd trimester during the influenza season, or who have high risk conditions. If you have any questions about getting an influenza shot during your pregnancy, speak with your doctor or health care provider. Healthy pregnant women who may deliver their baby during the influenza season should get an influenza shot to protect their newborn baby. Babies less than six months of age, especially newborns, are at high risk from the complications of influenza, but they cannot be vaccinated because their immune response to the vaccine is not as strong. Vaccination for mothers and other close contacts can help protect babies and reduce their risk of infection. It is safe for babies to breastfeed after mothers receive the influenza vaccine. From the BC Health Files
  4. I was told that peanut butter in moderation was a very good food during pregnancy since it is high in protein. Geez...if I tried not to eat any of the major allergen foods, I wouldn't be eating!! As it is, I am having difficulty gaining weight! I'd say enjoy those peanut butter balls!
  5. I am taking Preg Vit which is gluten-free. As I posted in another thread, this particular vitamin separates the calcium (morning pill) and the iron (evening pill), making absorption of each better. It is available by prescription in Canada; not sure about the States. My doc. warned that not all vitamins are created equal and many store brands are filler and simply make your kidneys work harder than they should for not much nutritional gain.
  6. I took Folic Acid (5 milligrams) for a few months pre-conception and had B12 shots as well. Now that I'm 18 weeks pregnant, the doctor said even though I've been gluten-free for almost a year, my body still doesn't absorb nutrients through food like it should. I am taking Preg Vit and they are working out well for me. I've never been able to tolerate oral vitamins well, but with these, you take one in the morning (containing the calcium) and another at night (containing the iron). My doctor said for people who have a hard time with vitamins, it's important that calcium and iron are separated - not only for absorption reasons but for tolerance as well. Most vitamins contain both. Something you might want to consider. As for whether just eating properly enough, my doctor told me I was fine up to 20 weeks, but after that the baby zaps everything good and the vitamins are more for me. She also wanted me to wait to get to 18-20 weeks to be sure that the nausea and vomitting had subsided.
  7. You're not overreacting! I've never heard of anything so ridiculous!! I'm a teacher and it frustrates me how certain allergens are treated so seriously, but others (like wheat) are treated like no big deal. "It's not like it's going to kill you, like peanuts." (even though I do have an anaphylactoid response). I'd definitely use this as a learning experience for the school..where you're doing the educating! Selling bags of flour...still shaking my head.
  8. Glad I found this thread! I thought I was alone in this battle!! I'm 9 weeks and craving gluten-filled foods like mad! I was craving pancakes this morning at work and was drooling thinking about the McDonald's pancakes and McGriddles. Now that I'm taking Diclectin and my nausea is much better, I'm finding it even worse!!! Maybe this is a first trimester thing too???
  9. The last time we went to the States we picked up a few boxes of Cocoa Pebbles. I was so excited that they were gluten-free. BUT when I actually ate them I had reactions. Of course, I tried to blame the soy milk the first try and then thought the next day, I thought it was something I ate for lunch. By the third try a week later, I narrowed it down to the Pebbles. Since then I will only eat organic gluten-free cereals from the specialty store for about 4x the price! So frustrating!
  10. I bought the cheddar block and like many others, we can't eat it cold or alone. It was good shredded and cooked on a pizza though. Definitely helped cure my craving for pizza!
  11. I saw Jenny McCarthy on Oprah a couple of weeks ago and just read her book last night! I'm glad today is a holiday since I couldn't put it down. Being 8 weeks pregnant, I wonder about my Gluten-free Casein-free diet and the impact on my unborn child...I personally feel it's better for the baby and well, had I not been gluten-free there would have been no way my fertility would have been strong enough to conceive. When the baby is born, will I introduce gluten foods?? I doubt it, since my husband and I are both Gluten-free Casein-free so the risk of CC is too high. Anyone have any experience with this?? Also, if I breastfeed, the milk supposedly has about 20-30% casein. How do you keep a baby CF since I've read that most formulas have even higher levels of casein than breast milk. So many things to consider! The next thing is vaccines. Although I am just embarking on my research, there seems to be a lot of research connecting vaccines and mercury to austism. However, teaching in Ontario, I know that parents need to provide immunization records in order to register for school. Like all parents, we want to do whatever it takes to make sure our baby is as healthy as possible, but it's pretty overwhelming right now!
  12. Thanks for posting about deli meats...I thought I was set now that I found a gluten-free, nitrate-free deli meat. Better to be safe than sorry! Better figure out what I can eat for lunch tomorrow!!!
  13. She prescribed it knowing that we were trying. I should have been thinking before popping the pills, but I honestly thought it would take about a year before my fertility would be good to go due to the recent diagnosis of Celiac. I'm even more concerned since it was 550mg tablets she prescribed! Hopefully I stopped early enough to prevent damage. Thanks for that info about naproxen...I'm surprised she'd give it to me since she really seemed to know about Celiac. She searched through several different drugs/companies to find a gluten-free pain killer, so maybe she was desparate?? This will definitely make me think twice about dr's advice on drugs! 4 more weeks of this to go??! Yikes! I slept with two bras last night and that helped. Is it okay to do that?? I did some arms and chest stretches today based on a recommendation from my massage therapist and they were not as sore today! As for eating, I'm mostly concerned about getting enough fiber, so fruits and veggies will definitely help. Thanks so much for your advice! It'll be handy to keep in touch since you're just a few weeks ahead!
  14. Very interesting....like everyone else, I am curious about the topic! Good luck!
  15. So, I think I am pregnant too!!! Did a home pregnancy test at home last night and it was positive!!! We don't want to get too excited, though, in case there are complications. I have been having cramping (worse than normal menstral cramps), so I've been taking naproxen which was prescribed by my doctor. I hope that won't cause any problems. I cannot believe how tired I am and how sore my breasts are!! I'm most concerned about eating healthy during this time. Any advice??
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