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  1. This topic is of great interest to me as I have a 10 month old. Today I found out he had been given a few Cheerios but that's the only gluten he's ever had. I do not plan on giving him gluten until it becomes an issue. We are a gluten-free house. He also has very limited grains. A few gluten-free "cheerios" here and there but he's never had rice cereal or anything of the sorts. My friend who is from India said the typical first food there is a cereal gruel made from.....wheat. And she said there are virtually no wheat allergies in India. So who knows.
  2. Thanks. I was pretty sure it was but was 2nd guessing myself!
  3. does any one know if RescueRemedy spray is gluten-free? I can't find the answeranywhere. Thanks!
  4. i second the vitamin c. i took 1,000 mg of vitamin c powder last night and had to go within two hours. i just buy the powdered vitamin c from trader joe's and mix it with water. if you start to get the opposite effect - as in the big D - cut back as that is a sign you've had to much vitamin c. also, pears and apples are good to get things moving!
  5. they say to wait six months to a year after being diagnosed to restore health. we waited six months and i can say the hardest part was finding foods to satisfy cravings. i've done a lot of cooking - and a lot of throwing out!! once you feel comfortable with the diet and substituting foods for old stand bys it will be so much easier IMO. Good luck!!!
  6. thanks. i stopped taking the Natren healthy trinity probiotic and things cleared almost the next day. now of course, it's the other extreme. i'm going to take a break on the probiotics for another week or so and see what happens. i've been having a lot of braxton hicks contractions but nothing regular. those suckers can be painful though - wow!!!
  7. Okay here is what is on the menu! Thank you for all the inspiration, I'll update after next weekend to let you know how it goes. Cake: ordered it from www.glutenfreesweets.com - I'm in the area so I ordered the baby shower cake and can pick it up. I've never tried their stuff but my fingers are crossed :-) Even though I can't eat it, I should probably get some ice cream..... Apps: Fruit, Veggie & Cheese trays Crackers Salsa, Guac & Chips Pesto Pizza squares (namaste pizza crust) Meal: Tossed Salad Fruited rice and chicken casserole (Bette Hagemans cookbook) Rolls of some kind - probably GFP Country French Bread Mix because I have those in bulk Mom is coming in a few days early and can help with some of the stuff but I figured the rolls I can make this weekend and freeze them same with the pesto pizza. Crossing my fingers. This is my first major party since being gluten-free. It could be a nightmare
  8. I'm currently 30 weeks pregnant and have noticed, since we got back from vacation that my BM's have gone from fine to starting out fine and then ending soft and unformed. I can't for the life of me determine if this is from something I'm eating, something I did eat or normal pregnancy body changes. The only thing I've changed since vacation (where I'm 99.9% sure I didn't get glutened however I think my reactions are not as strong since I'm pregnant) is a new probiotic so I'm going to stop taking it for a week and see where I end up. But could this be normal due to hormonal changes? Since I hit 28 weeks it seems all those ugly pregnancy things have hit me hard where as prior to that I didn't really feel "pregnant" or have a lot of the various pregnancy related issues. I plan on talking to my doc. of course at my next appt. but considering they don't know much about celiac I'm not holding my breath for an answer that makes any sense
  9. Congrats Kimberly! I'm 30 weeks and know where you are coming from. My sister is planning my shower and I dread answering the phone some days!!! As for your SIL asking the money questions the best response I think you could give is "I don't think she was expecting you to chip in so I will leave the decision up to you and her" and hopefully she won't keep bringing it up but put the responsibility in her lap, not on yours! And if she doesn't let it go, tell her you can't talk to her about the money issue any more and you would appreciate it if she would talk to your sister about it. I'm learning the best way to get any issues off the table right now is to be direct. And the good thing is you can blame the hormones. As for meddling in-laws, yikes! Is your DH good a getting them to back off? Maybe if he just mentioned to his mom that you are super stressed with everything and the doc. told you to try and take it easy then she would back off? Also, there is a reason there is caller ID. If you know it's some one calling who will stress you out, let it go to voicemail and pick one day a week where you call every one back. I've had to cut down on phone time with my own mom because she was becoming too overbearing. Unless something is an emergency, they can wait! Amy
  10. My day is officially ruined (although, I wouldn't have read ingredients and it could have been a lot worse!). Figures the year I'm pregnant and craving just about anything bad for me Cadbury eggs have to become un-gluten free! Shame on Hershey's! I'd be interested to see an ingredient listing from pre labeling laws to see if they added the glucose recently or just started labeling it recently.....
  11. Okay, I walked in and ordered a hamburger ON A BUN and french fries. Yum! Yesterday we tried Roses Wheat Free Bakery on Central in Evanston and it was really good! Everything they make is wheat/gluten free and they have a cafe menu and baked goods. It was so nice to go in and order anything off the menu and not have to make sure it was safe. Whoohoooo! I think she has a website: www.rosesbakery.com. Enjoy!
  12. I'm having a baby shower in two weeks and I can't decide if I want to have it catered or make the food myself. How hard would it be to cook for 15-20 people and what types of things would I cook? I have a double oven and a crock pot but that's about it. Any suggestions? Amy
  13. I've heard you have to stay away from Palmer's also. I bought a jar of 100% pure coca butter and use that. it's kinda funky in that the one i have at least is solid so i scrape some off and put in the microwave to soften it/melt it into an oil but it feels so good going on (and it's great to put on your feet too!!!)
  14. Okay, we went away on a short vacation and I ate fine, we only ate dinners out and both meals I didn't react too. However, since we got back (over two weeks now) I've noticed a change in my BM's. I'm currently 29 weeks pregnant and for the firt 27 weeks they had been either the big C or "perfect". Now all of the sudden they start out fine but end soft and unformed (sorry for the way TMI). The only thing I've changed since coming back from vacation is my probiotic. I started taking the Healthy Trinity from Natren. Would changing a probiotic cause a change in BM? I've been on the new probiotic for under 14 days (it was a sample bottle and I still have a few pills left). I've also started another food journal to try and locate something that may just not be agreeing with me but the only thing I can pinpoint is the new probiotic. Thanks for any ideas. Amy
  15. I just read that a few weeks ago about Burt's Bee's. A bummer I agree! I just switched all of my lip balm to Badger Balm and I think they have a whole line of products including a few baby things like diaper rash ointment.
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