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  1. Great! thank you.. I was so excited to see it.. It sure makes for a quick meal my kids can make! Yum!
  2. this product doesn' list any gluten in the ingredients? any one have any experience or information with this product?
  3. That is great news! Me and 2 of my celiacs were at a wedding this weekend too..and the chef heard that there were 3 celiacs attending.. OUR meal was hand delivered and we had MORE food and better food thanthe wedding party! :-) I felt so special LOL So glad that it all worked out for you too.
  4. I am sorry to hear that you are having problems. For me.. dairy showed up first, then gluten. 20years ago..and I have never been able to eat dairy again. I can eat Aged Cheese (b/c it no longer has lactose) and lactaid milk in small quantities. It may be a good idea to rule out dairy. I don't know if this is fact, but I was told 20years ago by a doc that the lactase enzyme sits on the tip of the villi, so if the villi is damaged from celiac, it is very unlikely that lactose will be tolerated. In children, it almost ALWAYS comes back, in adults it is about 50 50 to return. Hope you can figure it out.
  5. My son is living there until the end of June and having a very hard time getting gluten-free food. I have sent him several care packages..but bread molds before it arrives to him.. If you know of any place in or around ATHENS that he could get some gluten-free foods ..that would be Greatly Appreciated!!! MTIA!
  6. coming in late.. but you could always chose a nice wine.. hope you have fun in Vegas!
  7. Just wondering if the Caltrate Chewable were safe. I have taken others for most my life, but now I am giving them to my kids and we all like the chewables..but want to know if anyone here has input on whether they are gluten-free or not.. many tia
  8. Rose.. My oldest son is in college and he was able to get an apartment on campus (same price as the dorm) b/c the school could not provide him with a healthy gluten-free diet.. and it was affecting his studies. He roomed with 4 other guys.. but it gave him a kitchen to prepare his own foods. Is there a chance your dd could qualify for something like that? He also travels a lot.. and has been in 6 countries in the past 2 years.. Right now he is in Greece. He carries the language menu cards with him and always keeps a jar of p-nbutter, and a bag of pretzles (for dipping in it) with him. Some places are great.. like when he was in Zimbabwe..they have No wheat in the country.. other places such as Greece where they eat Tons of bread.. are difficult.. feel free to pm me if you want to talk.. As for the nausea.. my son only takes tums or pepto..nothing prescription.. HOnestly if she i getting that sick..the university needs to meet her needs better. HTH
  9. Does anyone know of any of those quick bars that are gluten-free? My dd skates she loves to grab a Quick Energy/high fiber bar..but was wondering if there are any that are gluten-free, for my son.. and if her Celiac testing comes back +. TIA
  10. When my oldest was first diagnosed at the age of 5 he weighed 25lbs. He had a huge tummy and spindly little arms and legs.. he was severely malnurished. that was 17 years ago.. and we had pretty slim picking for gluten-free food. HE didn't grow quickly after that and even today is a small man. and picky eating goes along with that My 8yo was 9mo when we diagnosed him.. he is a Big boy.. but still a picky eater.. some of the things we have done to get them to eat.. We give youngest gluten-free pretzles.. and a glob of nut butter and a glob of marshmallow fluff he loves to dip his pretzles in it.. (instead of bread) Cheese melted on Tortillas applesauce yogurt homeaded chex mix (favorite cereals,nuts, and cin/sugar/butter lightly roasted then I add raisins or dried fruit) milkshakes muffins anything that they would eat.. offered at anytime of the day. Also make sure she is getting a good multivitamin I hope that helps!
  11. McDonalds Fries are gluten-free.. we eat them all the time.. We also have no issues with ordering burgers NO BUN.. My boys and I all have severe reactions to Gluten.. almost immediate (within 30min).. but we have had no issues to McD's.. However.. the high fat sometimes gets us
  12. I have 24 22 **gap** 10 and 8 How is that for a gap? the 8 and 22 yo are celiacs.. the other two are not. I would have had more if I could have.. but this is fine for me
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