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  1. Wow! Thanks everyone, so I'm not crazy! <cheers> Angie, I laughed out loud when you said your husband thought it was a spirit contacting you! It does sort of feel like someone tapping on your shoulder or something! Rice Guy - I'll bet you're right with the nutritional deficiency thing. Stupid question - is there any way they can "test" for those? I've thought a number of times that I've had magnesium problems (headaches, etc.), but I always wondered if there was some way to *know*. Maybe I'll start another thread on this, but I have about fourteen thousand questions about these vitamin issues. What do you all do to make sure you're getting the right amounts of things? Just supplements, or is trying to get the nutrients through food first a better way? Which vitamins do you like best? How can you tell if they are working or not? At one point, I started some sublingual B-12 thinking it would improve energy, and all I got was a tingly scalp. Maybe I'm just a big wierdo. I wasn't kidding about the 14,000 questions.
  2. So. I *may* have gotten glutened last week. Had dinner at a friend's house and I know all the food was ok because I brought it, but may have gotten glutened somehow from knives or plates or something. Felt like *total* crap the next day - stomach problems, super foggy head, headaches, and the same the day after that. The third day the cloud started to lift. I thought I had been getting the flu. Now, I have this crazy traveling tingling feeling, I feel like I'm going crazy!!! It's been in three different places in three different days. It was around my knee, and then on my thigh and now today it is above my right eyebrow. I don't know how to describe it.... it's not painful, just like a persistent crawly kind of feeling. The area is small, like maybe the size of a quarter. It's freaking me out because I feel like it's some neurological problem. I assume that there is nothing I can do about this, because that's usually how these things work. What I'm hoping is that someone will chime in and say that this happened when they get glutened and I don't need to go have an mri. Anyone have any idea what I'm talking about? <pretty please!!> Also - a moment of vent: Can someone please explain why every SINGLE social interaction must involve a meal of some kind?!!?!?!?! What is wrong with people that they can't just hang out, or go a couple of hours without having a MEAL?!?!?!?!? Ahem. I'm a people person, I promise. Just not a people-who-eat-gluten person.
  3. So I don't know if this helps, but WHENEVER I use ANY product with wheat - shampoo, mousse, body lotion, makeup, face cream - ANYTHING - I get these tiny little bumps all over my skin, sort of like pimples but smaller and they itch but don't pop. I also have super fine hair that I have tried probably 3 million products on in my life so far - and honestly, the best stuff that I've found so far is Suave shampoo. They will always list wheat clearly on the label, and I've only seen a few of their professional line shampoos have wheat as an ingredient. I usually just pick which smell I like the best and go from there. They are really affordable and to be completely honest - and I have tried EVERYTHING - there's little to no difference between it and the fancy stuff. Two extra products that you might try for the fine-ness and oily-ness of your hair: Organix coconut milk mousse (use one pump before you blow dry, adds all day volume and texture but is not heavy), and good ol' fashion Baby powder (puff some on your hairbrush mid-day to take out some of the oil). Hope this helps!
  4. This is a really good question.... I know when I get glutened the thing I crave the most is like really starchy things (I assume to soak up the stomach acid or something).... So if I get glutened at a restaurant one night, and I already know I'm going to be sick - can I eat a croissant the next day?? Would you really absorb any of the gluten if you're having the big D non-stop??
  5. Thanks guys I wonder if the novacaine resistance has anything to do with Celiac?? I have an appointment on Friday, and I'll ask if I can go to the oral surgeon, or if they can promise me that they'll make me numb till next Tuesday.
  6. Hi Susanm! Welcome to gluten free life! And don't worry, I'm sure now that you've accidentally glutened yourself and are already feeling the effects it won't happen too often in the future. Keep in mind that this is a major life change you've just embarked on, and it'll take a little while to get used to. We ALL make mistakes in the beginning. As for your reaction - people are really and truly ALL over the map when it comes to this. Some talk about getting a reaction almost immediately, some say that it always takes 4 hours, etc. etc. The cramping is always how I know - and I've had really fast reactions, and ones that take almost an entire day - but that cramping is unmistakable for me. The longer you are gluten free the more you'll figure out about your body and the way you react. For the time being, sip some ginger ale and get yourself a heating pad. Good luck!
  7. Hey everyone! I moved a few months ago and started school again and haven't been on in FOREVER. I'll probably be on all night catching up. Anyway, so long story short - I had a deep cavity in a front tooth on the lower left, last November I was in a lot of pain so I went to the dentist and lo and behold I needed three root canals and there was a lesion on the x-ray that looked like a cyst. The doctor wanted to wait a year to see if it went away/got bigger/didn't change at all - and so here we are a year later and I've just found out that the cyst has gotten a little bit bigger and so they want to go in and take it out. The doctors have been really reassuring but I am FREAKING out about it. I'm horrified that I'm going to be awake when it happens, it grosses me out, I'm scared it's going to be painful because novacaine never really works on me - and I'm scared that they are going to find out that it is something really terrible. I know I'm being nutty, but can anyone reassure me on this? Has anyone else had a cyst removed from their mouth? Is there anything that I need to be aware of as far as oral surgery and celiac? Any info is HUGELY appreciated...... Thank you!
  8. Thanks guys! Sorry I didn't respond sooner I was away and didn't have internet access for a couple of days. Ravenwoodglass, you are right - there is a ton of information about this on the web, I should have googled first. It's soooo frustrating when our doctors aren't aware of things and won't listen. I'm switching dentists, but I think I'm going to send them some of this information first. Mariela - that's enormously encouraging that this might stop. I don't think I've been getting glutened because my blood tests have been clean and I usually get really really bad gastro. issues, but I'll definitely keep an eye on it if my teeth don't start to get better. Thanks!
  9. I've been gluten free for just two years, and I know this is terrible but I don't take any vitamins currently. I've never been checked for any deficiencies (unless these would come out in your normal blood work??). What should I be taking?
  10. I need some help relating celiac and my endless teeth issues. I just got my teeth cleaned and the hygenist told me that my enamel looks like I am bulimic. I am not, nor have I ever been bulimic. In fact, I haven't even thrown up that much in my life in general. I brush my teeth like crazy, I floss, I rinse with "ACT" fluoride every night, and my teeth are just terrible. I'm sick of explaining myself to dentists, this is the third dentist's office that I've been to in the last year. I want to get on top of this and instead of being humiliated, actually get a grip on what is going on with my teeth so I can take care of them. Can you help me? Has anyone had similar issues? Are there any studies available? UGH. Thanks all!
  11. We have this in the house, and I am constantly avoiding it because I've never been able to find out whether it's gluten free. I'm not much of a hot sauce fan - but it would be nice if I didn't have to worry about whether or not it got in my food. Anyone know if McIlhenny Green Pepper Tabasco Sauce is gluten free? Thanks!!
  12. Wow! Thanks everyone - I have some great ideas to run with! I think I was getting frustrated because I was thinking around meals, but I'm realizing now that you can fit fiber in as a snack, etc. etc. it doesn't have to be a bowl full of horse feed for breakfast. Two questions: gfpaperdoll - what is "double DQ1" And everyone else - I've cut out almost 100% of processed food out of my diet - for the most part, thanks to the organic craze - I've moved to almost entirely organic foods... But I'm curious about corn sugar - this can be found in some organic food, right? Is this something that I need to cut out as well? Ok, one more - has anyone tried the raw foods thing? Thanks all! I hope it's not raining where you are - I think if I don't see the sun soon I might lose my mind.
  13. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to send out a request for what you do to make sure you get enough fiber in your diet. Both of my parents recently passed away due to colon cancer, and I've been researching the serious risks involved in being constipated most of the time. My diet (like most Americans) is and has always been very low in fiber. I eat a rice based cereal for breakfast, some yogurt and chips or something for lunch, and then some starch based thing for dinner. Add some chocolate and juice in there, and that's basically it. So - I need to do a major overhaul of my diet. I've been adding lots of fruit all over the place, and I've been doing broccoli and things at dinner and doing salad whenever I can - but I still feel like I'm not getting enough. I'm secretly jealous of those who can eat a bowl of Cracklin' Oat Bran in the morning and get a lot of their daily fiber intake. Tell me: What do you do for fiber??
  14. Please be careful with the Kombucha! My mom drank it religiously for a while and it made her really sick. There are serious dangers in particular to growing your own Kombucha - http://www.answers.com/topic/kombucha http://www.drweil.com/drw/u/id/QAA365602
  15. Thanks everyone - I think it was just all the water, because I was able to eat dinner tonight and it "stayed put" It's just so frustrating to feel like that and not know why. Little Miss Allergy - I had wanted this test for a while too. Colon cancer runs in my family (I actually lost both of my parents this way) and a doctor once told me that you should carefully watch for Ovarian cancer as well if you have lots of Colon cancer in your family. I'm not sure how accurate that is really - but it seemed to make sense to me. When I first started having celiac symptoms my periods started to get totally crazy, and I've always been worried that there was some celiac related issue - you know? Doctors were hesitant to give me this test because I'm so young and I have no symptoms of anything. Because my insurance changed, I had to go to a new doctor recently and when I was telling her that I was irregular and had some random spotting and cramping - she ordered this test. I am usually VERY squirrely about obgyn exams - I can barely sit through a pap smear and pelvic exam every year - and I actually found the pelvic ultrasound and transvaginal really non-invasive and easy. They tell you to drink 32 ounces of water (I drank way more than that... oops) an hour before your appointment, and then to do the pelvic part of it, they just put some goop a few inches below your belly-button and they press down on your bladder a little bit while the little thing takes pictures. This part is outside of your body and no big deal, other than the fact that you have to pee like CRAZY. Then they let you go into the bathroom and the transvaginal ultrasound is the part that goes inside you. It's like this big long pole thing that they put a condom on, and it looks pretty scary - but actually, the thing only goes inside you a little bit. (Sorry if this is too much detail, you said you wanted to know!) I found this part less invasive than when you go to the gyno and they do the pelvic exam there - maybe I was just so glad I didn't have to pee anymore. The whole thing is over in like 10 minutes and then they send the pictures to your doctor. It's really no big deal! Anyway - I think it's a good idea to have this test just because it gives you peace of mind, you know? If you have any other questions let me know!
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