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  1. My daughter has a wheat allergy, not gluten sensitivity, according to her doctors, but the result is the same and sounds very much like your daughter's experience. Her colonsocopy was inconclusive, but her pain and multiple symptoms were not. Once she started a gluten (or wheat) free diet, her pain and other many symptoms slowly subsided and only have returned on the rare occasion when she has had wheat by mistake. The only way we could confirm the issue was with an allergy test that involved injecting a tiny bit of wheat into her system. within minutes she was experiencing the terrible stomach pain you describe with your daughter and she broke out with excema. Very few doctors do the injection tests; most do a skin prick test which often shows nothing unless you have a skin reaction to the allergen. Dr. Allen Lieberman in North Charleston, SC is one of the premier doctors who tests this way. People come from all over the country to his clinic.
  2. My daughter also suffered with constipation for years since birth and was put on lactalose and then Miralax. She was 15 when we discovered she had celiac disease. She still has struggles with her digestion, but we found that adding magnesium supplements and Fiber Con (gluten free) has helped some. We are trying to get her off the Miralax if possible. Good luck--
  3. with all the new products on the market for gluten intolerance, you should be able to maintain a similar diet for you and for your 6 year old. My daughter, sister and I all eat gluten free and it's become much easier lately. Recently we discovered Udi breads and muffins. They actually are better than most gluten breads. We've found the whole grain and the sandwich white breads are delicious. I've gone back to eating sandwiches again. The blueberry muffins are wonderful too. If you don't find the Udi brand in your stores, order online a case at a time. So many other products are on the market that are similar to ones your son probably has eaten before. Amy's has a great macaroni and cheese, tinkyada has rice pastas that are as good as any wheat ones,and Betty Crocker has cake, brownie and cookie mixes that are better than the old gluten ones. In fact, my daughter's friends prefer my gluten free baked goods and are always asking me to make them for them. It's not so bad now for celiac. In fact, gluten free foods are the fastest growing portion of the food market internationally. Good luck!
  4. It took my daughter a full six weeks to lose the pain completely. We saw some immediate improvement, and then for the next six weeks she got slowly better. Give it some more time--
  5. My daughter is going to be a freshamn at Wake Forest next fall. We've been up to meet the dietician and were completely blown away at all they offer for her-gluten-free breads, cookies baked daily, Thai food, sushi, omelet station, etc.-- all with cooks trained to understand gluten-free diets. I recommend that you meet with the college's dietician and explain your needs. I'll bet they are very knowledgeable and prepared to make your experience a good one. Knowing ahead of time what they are willing to accommodate will give you some peace of mind now. Good luck!!
  6. We have used products processed in facilities that process wheat for three years with only one adverse reaction. My daughter just last week reacted to ONE chip that is gluten free but processed in a non-gluten free facility. She had a full blown reaction for two days from just one chip. But once in three years isn't too bad--
  7. My daughter who has been scrupulously careful about what she eats until last night, ate one Terra Chip that contained wheat. Almost immediately she had the familiar shooting pains in her stomach, her stomach distended so she looked 7-8 months pregnant, and she felt extreme fatigue. Although she is a bit better today, she still has the fatigue and the pain and some bloating. How long do you think ir should take for the symptoms to go away? She hasn't had this kind of reaction in three years. Is it get worse when you are completely free of gluten and then accidentally ingest some?
  8. My daughter has been gluten free for almost three years now. Each day it gets easier. She has found a ton of restaurants with food she can eat, we have great recipes for almost all her favorite foods, she is resolving many of the other health issues that accompanied the celiac diagnosis, she has been free of the terrible pain for almost three years, she is more tolerant of others, has a greater sense of appreciation for what she does have and can do, and gives back to others. Last week she won a college scholarship for her community service; she has logged more hours of community service than any other student in her high school and loves what she does; she was accepted to her first choice college, Wake Forest, and the nutritionist there has already set things up for gluten free students and is actively soliciting our suggestions to make things easier for my daughter. I am just thrilled at the school's response to her needs. Joanna says that in some ways there is a silver lining to all she has gone through in that she has become more compassionate and more accepting. She always was a sensitive and thoughtful child, but she has matured into a wonderful person, and all of her experiences, good and bad, have contributed. You will have some ups and downs, but it all will get easier as time goes on and as you learn to navigate this and as others become more familiar with and more adaptable to celiac. We just had a great new pizza place open nearby offering gluten free pizza and beer. First pizza in three years!!
  9. It took my now 17 year old daughter almost 2 years to heal completely-- and I'm still not sure she's there. I wonder if the Culterelle could be causing it. Some probiotics can give you lots of gas and belching-- a good sign that it's not the type of bacteria you need. we did not do well on Culterelle either. Try another type and see if that helps.
  10. Our lives were revolutionized by discovering Bob's REd Mill Hearty Whole grain gluten-free bread mix. It works in a standard, cheap bread machine, and is better than any bread I've eaten, gluten free or not. My whole family loves it! And the whole grain is from seeds and other grains that are tolerated and good for you.
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