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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Does anyone have good tips on how to ease a cough from bronchitis that is keeping you up at night? I have not been able to eat or sleep for two days, my head is throbbing, and I feel like my lungs are aflame. Dr says it is the weather here, but I have gotten much worse since I went to his office. I might go to urgent care tomorrow morning, but right now I just want to get some sleep and stop feeling like a plague bearing zombie.
  3. Hey y'all, sorry I haven't been around. Got crazy busy for the holidays, and as a result got a little lax on my gluten avoiding skills. I had a serious glutening that lead to an infection. My doctor put me on Erythromycin, and said that since I get a lot of the side effects from antibiotics, I could take probiotics if I want. The problem is, I can't find any information on when to take them. Taking both together seems a bit counter-intuitive to me. Has anyone dealt with this before? ~Destiny
  4. It is not at all uncommon for beta carotene to exit the body via the skin if you eat enough of it. Beta carotene is found in any yellow or orange veggies. One thing about it: Exercise makes you sweat. Sweat is the method of exit for the beta carotene, along with many other extra vitamins and many toxins. It would get worse with the exercise. That is not something you would notice with jaundice, as some exercise is supposed to make the effect less noticeable. Also, the color you would be going for in an adult with jaundice from liver or kidney issues is the very putrid yellow color you see in a healing bruise- caused by the breakdown of red blood cells and hemoglobins (bilirubin is produced, which in turn produces the color) , which is what causes jaundice in humans. As for milk thistle: Clinical studies have shown that milk thistle has no effect on bilirubin levels in the body. Its possible side effects include GI issues (very common), migraines, and severe allergic reaction. Only your doctor can find out for sure what is going on, but if your blood panels are normal, then I would guess you eat lots of veggies. Quick questions: Is your urine darker than usual, and somewhat orange, too? Are the whites of your eyes yellow? Researched with Yahoo & Google (I hate Google)
  5. Tell your husband he has choices aplenty! He can: a) Eat what is there Go hungry c) Add an extra kitchen to the house with a separate A/C system and equipment, and cook his own dinner. Most men will choose (a), and get over it.
  6. I too, emailed them, simply because there is no "warning", there is a passing comment. A warning is made when it stands out from the information, and should be given prior to the other information. You don't dig through the packaging on a medication to figure out whether it makes you drowsy, do you? The information is clearly posted so as to be effective. My e-mail: In response to your article: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/celiac-disease/AN01623 I feel the need to inform you that while you may not absorb gluten through the skin, it is very likely that a person using a lotion, cosmetic, or lip balm containing a popular "wheat protein complex" will ingest enough gluten to become ill if that same person suffers from Celiac. I am a Celiac sufferer, and have had reactions to shared lip balms. If a balm shared with my toast eating friend can cause illness, I can only imagine what my reaction would be to a wheat protein complex in a lip balm. Living in New Orleans, sweating my SPF into my mouth is an eventuality, as well. I do not ask that you tell people that they absolutely should not use these products if they have Celiac. I do, however, feel that you are obligated to give a separate and clear precautionary statement that gluten in cosmetics can- and will- be ingested. I have contacted my own GI with this information, as well, and my opinion was seconded. This is also making the rounds on several Celiac support forums. It does nothing for the credibility of this site that something as simple as a warning that cosmetics may be ingested was overlooked. I simply refuse to believe that such a mainstay of the medical community would intentionally mislead not only those suffering from a very serious disease, but the people they interact with who are trying so hard to understand this disease. "Quality control procedures are strict, since the product must meet Food and Drug Administration (FDA) standards. Lipstick is the only cosmetic ingested, and because of this strict controls on ingredients, as well as the manufacturing processes, are imposed." As said by the FDA, and here: "Other sources of gluten that might come as a surprise include medications and vitamins that use gluten as a binding agent, lipstick, postage stamps and contamination of gluten-free foods with foods containing gluten.", as found on this web site: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/celiac-di...0319/DSECTION=8 Please, follow that link. Perhaps you will recognize it? I have provided you with a statement found from your own company site, yet there is not a clear warning of the danger in an article directly dealing with the exact same disease? I hope you find it easier to fix this problem than I found it to contact multiple doctors, the FDA, and your own site. It is sad to me that you could not link the two before the Celiac community did.
  7. I got the same thing before I got diagnosed, and when I was hospitalized, their blood work indicated an extremely low potassium level. DO NOT - please, do not under any circumstances self treat this- low potassium and high potassium are both extremely dangerous. If you think you may have it, get your doctor to check for it. Don't simply go buy supplements. Taking supplements when you are not very deficient can put too much potassium into your blood, and cause heart strain and serious muscle and neuropathy issues. That being said, it is worth looking into. Also, have you been stretching/resting between things that could cause strain? ~Destiny (the super-stressed not-a-holiday girl)
  8. It is a combination of the cysts and endometriosis, and severe damage from treatments and infection. They say I could try, but that I would likely have a miscarriage very early on, or severe hemorrhaging later in the pregnancy. I'm not sure I would ever want to get my hopes up.
  9. If and when you find a way, let me know. Kale = yuck. Chocolate = yum. Monthly cravings that would be healthy and not make me break out would be great Raina- If your mom likes thick, hearty hot cereals, why not try Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Hot Cereal? It is the one I have heard the most compliments on. I don't know personally, though... for I am a grits kind of girl. ~Destiny Pickles and Catalina dressing, anyone? Had to add that I almost fell of the train the other day when someone made pasta and had it on the counter, and that was shortly after a "High Gluten" flour bag burst in the store, which made me very ill. They schedule me to be out of the store when they use the flour, but not when truck comes. This is the first accident like this.
  10. He got into a little bit of a accident, but no one else was involved. So he got up, and stopped to let the roads dry a bit. The fall messed up his phone, though. Thanks for the support, guys.
  11. Hoping to find some support here... my fiance is 3 hours late getting home and I can't get a hold of him. We ride a scooter like a Vespa and the roads are slick, and he always calls when something is up, but the cops say there is no report of an accident involving a motorcycle tonight. I am going out of my mind with worry right now, though.
  12. I have actually noticed that the 'malty' taste from the oat flour depends on where it was grown. I bet a quick 3 tablespoons of a brownie mix instead of the vanilla, chocolate, and sugar would make a malty chocolate shake, though. Maybe the liquid should be chocolate, too in that case. Anywho.
  13. C'est la vie, I give up! I'm sorry about misreading it, glad FiddleFaddle cleared it up, and hoping your mom doesn't go nuts over Quaker Oats' new "Simple Harvest" (Um... how about naming it appropriately? Let's try "Don't Eat this Harvest ", or "Simply NO!"? My poor fiance brought some home today and thought I'd like it. For some reason he thought it was gluten free ) It has "pure, simple" cracked barley, wheat, and oats ( At least we know whether these were CC'ed!) Sneak your mom gluten-free goodies. My dad loves my brownie goop ( I have no idea why it always makes goop instead of brownies) and has no idea that it is gluten-free (because it is always gone before I can show them that I can eat it when he and my brother are around. "Chex Mix" Is easy with honey Puffins, broken rice crackers, popcorn, peanuts, and gluten-free croutons (esp. when they are made from Whole Food's gluten-free tomato herb bread) mixed with some Tony's. And you can make great shakes from 1 cup Soymilk or lactose free milk, 1 1/2 cups ice, 1 tablespoon chocolate powder, 1/2 tablespoon sugar or splenda, and a 1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract ( but just a tiny dash if you use the real stuff!!!) Sometimes I can get that malty taste with some oat flour, but it doesn't always work. I'll let you know if I figure it out. Currently, I am able to rework things to be sugar, gluten, and mango free. I think maybe a higher power was watching out for me when I wound up scheduled wrong and put in culinary arts freshman year instead of information technology. I can't cook an internet connection or eat a web page. Of course, I can't cook these gluten free brownie mixes and get a solid, either. Just yummy hot goop. ~Destiny (Had hot goop for dinner!)
  14. I tried gluten-free Pantry's brownies mix, all I got was molten chocolate stuff. It was yummy, but it was not a brownie. I laughed at the irony of buying brownie mix instead of pudding and getting a hot pudding from the mix. Advice, anyone?
  15. There is hope! There is always hope. You can be a police officer, and in the event you get too ill to work the field for a while, they can give you something else to do for a week or so while you recoop. I wanted to be a baker for the armed forces, but can't join due to dietary restrictions. I was told if it was important to me to help, I could join the peace corps or the police. I can also be a baker My goal is to start a special needs bakery. Maybe one day I'll be making gluten free donuts for cops on the late shift? Haha, or bread for the Air Force and Army! ~Destiny It rained over my rain boots?!
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